Monday, November 5, 2007

Houston International Quilt Show

What a fun, but tiring time. My husband, Sam, and I drove to south Texas and visited relatives. But, I had an ulterior sisters-in-law, a niece, and I went to the quilt show on Friday. Acres and acres of quilts and vendors selling anything and everything related to (and some not) quilting.

I'll never be good enough to have anything entered in one of the large quilt shows, but I do pretty good around my home town. This is one of the first quilts I ever entered in a quilt show of any size (Country Patches Quilt Show in Longview Texas in 1988). I was so surprised when I saw a third place ribbon pinned to it.

It is machine appliqued but hand quilted and was entered in the "Machine" category.

This was my first scalloped border. may be my only scalloped border. I had fun with the butterfly motif in the scallops.