Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You're NOT Going to Believe This!

Last Thursday morning when Jonathan got off work with plans to head this way as soon as everyone could get their stuff together, he walked out to the parking lot to get on his motorcycle. He found it on its side. Someone had gotten into the saddlebags hoping to find something to steal. When they/he/she found the bags to be empty, the bike was pushed over. Scratched, cracks, and it had laid on its side long enough to - I think he called it "vapor lock." Anyway...it was non-crankable. Son reports that "hydro-locked" is the correct term.

A co-worker was going to take him to Wal-Mart to see if he could get a spark plug socket...only to find that his pickup had been stolen! Poor co-worker's truck was not stolen...it was repossessed.

Jonathan and Sarah pushed it the block and a half to the motorcycle shop. He received reports on his drive up here. Back at home...nearly $200 later...

WHAT IS WITH PEOPLE?! Sorry. No account. Users and abusers! Hands out for what someone else has worked had for. Too lazy to expend energy to find a job and instead, expend more energy stealing and destroying.


May they/he/she someday soon face what they've done and ask for God's forgiveness. And while, most likely, will not be able to repay my son for what was done...they will help someone else.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Early

Jonathan, Sarah and her daughters came for a visit. We made fudge. I had no shortage of volunteers to lick the bowl and the spatula.

The two older girls helped make pies and cornbread. Oh. And dumplings for Friday night's turkey and dumplings!

Jonathan (aka Ducky) and Kaylee in a quiet time...she looks like, "Are you reading in English, Ducky?"
We had a big dinner yesterday with Carol, Elton, and Mama. Some running around for peanuts at Traylor Farms and out to Carol and Elton's to ride the Ranger and the go-cart. Everyone but Sam went to the theatre to see "Arthur Christmas." CUTE movie...and Sam got a good dose of much needed quiet...and 100% control of the television. ;-)

Today after church we went for pizza...then to the state park.
Aren't they just so cute? Each so different in looks and personality.

Look out! Here comes trouble.

Closely followed by the rest of the gang.

My son looks so much like his dad.

They're gone now. On their way home. It is too quiet here.