Saturday, April 21, 2012


Formal night
At Progreso


Friday, April 20, 2012

Sea Cruise!

 Our even year women only get away!
Beckle, Earlene, me, Nancy, and new cruiser Rosemary
A little line dancing to get things started.
Food on this cruise was just so-so.  Our "friends" laughed at Earlene and me when a bowl with about a quarter-size bit of guacamole in the middle of the bowl was place in front of us.  Just the dab of guacamole.  That was it. Since we'd both ordered "chilled avocado soup" I wondered WTH?  Leaned over and looked at Earlene's, then noticed the two little pitchers placed on the table on the other side of Earlene.  I patted Earlene on the knee with a "Whew! He's not through.  He's going to pour the soup out of those little pitchers over this."
Yep!  Don't tell me that we don't know how to cruise!
Primping for our formal evening.
Um...guess what I purchased in Progreso?!  Almond liqueur.  DELICIOUS!!
Then there was the repeat "guest" appreciation event.  Rosemary and I shared a table.  In the center was a blue margarita.  The pink stuff in the back - rum punch.  I don't know what was in the mini flutes, but that stuff was good.  Thank goodness each had a thimble-full or less of booze.  They would've just had to go back to the cabin and get a blanket if the alcohol content had been higher.  We also had free drinks the last night of the cruise.  They were stronger so I just had two...or three.  I lost count. :D
Two Carnival ships at Cozumel...ours was the one in the back.