Friday, May 21, 2010


The sunset is from a couple of nights ago. I made some origami bags for my grand nieces and nephews. I'm having a family gathering at my house on the 30th. These bags are so cute and so fun to make. Don't you think they'll make nice bags for the little kids?! A jar of bubbles and a small tub of Play Doh in each. I have some glow in the dark bracelets / necklaces for after dark. The boys will have a Hot Wheels. I've got to get the girls something.

This little fellow like-to've made me holler. Okay! I DID holler. We (as in Sam and I) have differing opinions on when to cover the pool. IF the pool is covered for the winter. We also differ on when to uncover the pool in the spring. Well...for all intents and purposes, spring is past. When the temperature rises over 80 is no longer spring. I don't care what the calendar says. The pool is still covered. I started a siphoning hose to get rid of the water on top of the pool cover. I dipped out gunk...catkins off the oak trees...that are going through the stinking rotting stage. Then, I heard the above croaker so dipped him out with the net. I was surprised at how large he was. Only problem was...I didn't know that he was a mutant ninja frog! I dumped him on the grass. That put me between him and the pool. He attacked me! Hopped right toward me the whole time loudly voicing his disapproval at being removed from his comfy sludgy wet home...on the top of my pool cover. I started moving backwards quickly realizing that the pool was behind me...pool cover still on. I stopped. He didn't. He hopped on my feet! I screamed. Then I looked around to see if the neighbors heard. ;o)

Speaking of pool cover...I'm going to my C.O.W. status now. See the dog prints? Now...see the holes? See where one foot went in and in trying to gain purchase, the culprit pawed and clawed with another foot (off-side). Does that look plausible to you? Or do the two holes look like stress tears? That magically appeared over night?
This happened some time after I left for work Wednesday morning. I leave about 7:40. Just before I left Thursday morning, I saw four of the neighbors' dogs trotting toward the house. I sat and watched. They went up behind the house first. I checked my watch. DANG! Not enough time to stand here with the camera. I stepped outside and ran them off.

This really, REALLY ticks me off. Pool covers...just simple large tarps like we use...are not cheap! The one time I called and asked those people to keep their dogs up for two nights, she refused. Let me catch them tearing up something when I have a camera in my hand!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Just Not THAT Qualified

Yesterday at work, I was going to vacuum. (Office Manager really means Jack of All Trades.) It didn't happen. I couldn't find the 'on' switch for the upright vacuum cleaner. My upright - at home - has the switch on the left of the body. I've seen some on the handle. I couldn't find it! It's a good thing I was alone. I started laughing at myself. I just coiled the electric cord back up, draped it over the handle, and parked the sucker (pun intended) back in its corner in the back room.

Sam visited me later. I laughed and told him about my troubles. We drug the vacuum cleaner out again. He tilted it this way 'n' that. Then pointed and said, "Right there." Sure 'nuff! You step on one corner of the top of the "head" of the thing. LOL See...I can talk technical too. ;o)

Today. I spent the day messing with the computer...doing a disc scan and deleting files. There were only 25,998 files in the recycle bin. There's also an external backup drive that preacher's wife told me her husband had tried to clean up but it didn't work...he couldn't delete the files. He thought. After plugging it back in, I discovered it was empty. I found the whatever file it was and opened the manager and ran the diagnostics only to discover that something's wrong.

I'm going to ask for permission to purchase a 'thumb' drive. They're cheap. And I can carry it with me. What good is a backup left beside the computer if there's a fire, severe lighting strike that fries everything, theft, etc.

I never got around to defragging the computer. That'll be tomorrow.