Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just Stuff

I've been sewing a bit, but not much. I've made a couple of tail-less doo-rags for Jonathan and have a new scrub top cut out. But, as I told Jonathan, every time I hit a glitch, I put it aside for a week. So sad. I'm going to make it this weekend so that I can get it in the mail.

Last April, I picked up a couple of friends to go to Longview to my cousin's annual Wa-hoo tournament. While Earlene and I waited on Nancy to get ready, we walked next door to a garage sale. Surprise! I know them! The daughter who is Jonathan's age remembered me...bless her heart! I went in and gave her mom a hug. There was a textile motorcycle jacket out on a rack...I kept forgetting to ask Jonathan ...besides at $10 I figured it was gone. A couple/three weeks back, Louann brought it by the office to give it to Jonathan. I brought it home. Sam looked at it and said, This isn't a summer textile jacket, it's a rain jacket. I got's a $175 jacket! It's been in a box to mail for two weeks now. I keep tossing stuff in the box. The scrub MUST be finished this weekend and put in the mail.

It is so hot and dry. We've been 100+ degrees for so long I don't remember anything else. The only grass that needs cut is right against my planting beds and around the two live oaks we planted last year.
It is so dry that a coyote is coming up and eating pears it finds on the ground. Poor quality photo, but this is through a double-paned UV window.

Speaking of pears...this is last year's pear...
this is this year' sad.

The hummers are really going through the juice.
This one is waiting his turn. They don't seem to be fighting like they have in the past. Friday morning temp was 78 degrees! THAT's really good compared to waking to mid-80s. I spent about 15 minutes outside before finishing my morning routine before work.I haven't made much if any mention on my 40th high school reunion. We were the first couple on the dance floor...a friend, Ricky, asked me to dance. I love to dance, but can't. Ron and I did pretty good together. He could dance and adjusted to make me look good. Not an easy feat! Sam and I have danced ONE time. He will not dance with me. I've tried to get him to dance with me here in the privacy of our home, telling him that we can learn to dance together...he won't try. So when Ricky asked, I said I'd love to but don't dance good at all. He grabbed me by the hand, counted in my ear, and away we went!

I have to fill the birdbath every day...

That looks like the last of the photos.

Don't forget to smile!