Monday, February 20, 2012

Feeling Better...and Still Traveling

Last week I went to Decatur for more job related training. The sun was peeking below the clouds...but traveling and trying to handle my camera - well it leaves a lot to be desired. Like circling the downtown square trying to get a photo of the historic courthouse. Ask me how I realized the courthouse square had two-way traffic around it...sigh... One day home and at work. I was surprised at the amount of work I completed at the office. When I got to work, I made a list and checked the last thing off that afternoon with 15 minutes to spare. WHEW!

Then...Saturday...more traveling to visit Jonathan. We drove in and out of rain all day. I had fried shrimp Saturday for lunch. Then I had grilled shrimp a la Grecque Saturday night for supper. Nope. Have not had my fill.

Jonathan cooked several meals for us...including some good - really good - bread.

Tomorrow? Headed west for yet another - yep you guessed it! Another job related seminar. It's been a busy 4 weeks! I'll be glad to get back to the office!!

Yes, I am feeling better. Thank you for your concern. :D Still some light coughing on occasion. But it's getting better day by day.