Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yarn Purchase

I have an order in with Knit Picks for sock yarn and enough yarn to do one short sleeve sweater. I am patiently waiting on that order.
Meanwhile, we went to northTexas Friday to see John's (my stepson) new business location (he sells cars...classics mostly). Of course Sam had to go to the local Harley dealer and found another of the long-sleeve white shirts that he likes. I saw a Hobby Lobby sign and ran through it while he waited in the parking lot. (He is a patient husband-in-waiting, but we needed to get back to the 'shop' before closing time.)

The ribbon "yarn" has always fascinated me. I found thisOriginal price was $6.99. I purchased 10 balls for $1.19 each.

WHAT OH WHAT??? am I going to make out of it? LOL

Friday, April 10, 2009

Confession Time

All right. I think Tyler Perry is a very talented person. I do not like his Medea movies. However, that's what I watched last night...Medea Goes to Jail. Sigh. You know. Confession may be touted as being good for the soul. It can also be embarrassing!

It did, however, have its moments. When Medea tells the women in prison that each of them was responsible for the situation that they were in. That it was no one else's fault. Get over it.

So true.

Speaking of movies...have you seen Taken? GREAT movie! High tension though. I had to go home and rest when it was over.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tornado Warning

Well, I'm not going to tell you what we went to the theatre to see, but Mama, me, and several of our closest and dearest friends were watching the movie when all of a sudden the movie stopped and the lights came on. Walter (owner) came out and announced that a tornado had touched down on Hwy. 11, and he wanted us to move to the back of the theatre under the lower roof (what used to be the balcony above but is now screen #2). So. We did. Before moving, all of a sudden someone plopped down in the seat beside me. "I'm going to sit with you." I looked to my right and saw that my new neighbor was a young lady that I know. "Come on. Follow us." I had Mama go in first and sit beside the wall, then me followed very closely by Whitney. Her mother had called her and told her to get home. I told her to sit right where she was and stay out of her car. Yep. Usurped her dear mama's authority.

I don't know how long we sat and visited and made phone calls to tell relatives where we were in case they had to dig through the rubble to find us. :) Eventually, we all went back to our seats and the movie started again.

So. How did you spend your evening?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Freeze Results

The bluebonnets withstood the freeze, but you should see the azaleas. Kaput. Hopefully the peach orchards in our area weren't hit too hard. Oh! And strawberries will be ready before long! A couple of the orchards let you do your own picking. Carol and I have done that twice. I still have strawberries in the freezer, but a bucket full would be nice to just eat.

Tammy commented on my last post that they still have snow. We get snow maybe once every 5-10 years. It's wet snow. Then it freezes and turns to ice. Generally it's gone the next day. The years that I was gone, after Daddy died in 2000, they had a freeze here before Christmas...then had one in February 2001. It was a really bad time for Mama. Anyway...that's been 9 years...we are due some white stuff.

I'm working on another sock. Started a leaf pattern. Did not work out. Thank goodness I found out on the second row after the ribbing. I frogged it (unraveled it)...had to completely frog it...couldn't pick up the ribbing stitches and decided 10 rows of k1, p1 would be easier to redo that fuss and fidget with picking up stitches. I got several repeats of a basketweave pattern done since last night.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Before the Freeze

Yep. Gonna freeze before daybreak tomorrow. Not knowing what I'm going to wake too, I took more photos of my bluebonnets this morning. Since we've mown, they really pop!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

March Comes in Like a Lion

And leaves just as bad! We have winds at 25 mph and gusting to 35 mph! Yesterday temps got up to 80 or 81 degrees. Today only 62. We will get close to freezing either tonight or tomorrow night. (See previous post about spring in Texas.) So...spending the day inside. Sam's watching the race. I'm listening to it. Tomorrow, he's going to finish mowing the back of the property and I'm cleaning house and ironing...groan.

I completed a pair of socks! Finished grafting the toe this morning.
I love the lacy pattern.
I pulled two balls of green yarn out of the bag and found a leaf pattern to try out this time.

Yesterday we went to Jefferson Texas...mainly to hear Lady Chazz and the Tramps. I've talked about them in a previous post...Chazz's husband was a high school classmate of mine. After retiring from the US Navy, he and his wife's band do the night club circuit. Yesterday they were playing a benefit for an injured girl. We didn't ride over though, we drove in the 4-Runner...didn't know how late we would stay or how cool it would be when we left. While there, we ate at Lamache's. A delicious Italian restaurant. One of the best we've eaten at next to DiBella's in Galveston.

We saw a couple in their leathers. They also had a full grown German Shepherd with them. ??? The question was answered when they got ready to leave...