Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tigers THREE-Peat

The Tigers did it again! Texas Class 2A. THREE years in a row!!

This year's team adds to previous wins beginning in 1968 and continuing in 1983 and 1985.

Kudos to the team!

For the last five years, I subbed for these children...LOL as I called them in class when they got too rowdy...YOUNG MEN! So know them all. I pray that they take the memory of their high school years and apply the hard work to their future studies and life.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

One Celebration Down

Just a couple more to go...

I have been craving a coconut cake for several months now. But I was dieting.

BTW (by the way), I'm no longer going to the gym. I lost about 15-17 pounds. Have gained NONE back as of Friday...not saying a thing about yesterday. I will not be eating supper tonight. Because...

It is from Good Morning America...Sam Champion's dad's favorite cake.

I had to make some changes because I couldn't find coconut milk. I purchased a can of cream of coconut intending to mix 4-5 tablespoons of the coconut cream with milk. I opened the can...and there was a black spot in it at the seam of the can so into the trash it went. I just used plain ol milk. The recipe also called for coconut flavoring. I just used vanilla flavoring. And I used all real butter in the buttercream icing. The cake is/was :o) DELICIOUS!

Sam requested a cherry pie made with Colorado tart cherries.
Table set with the unimportant stuff. :o) Carol with her grand nephew Colt for the very first time. See the blanket I crocheted?! ;-) Erin said it is sooo soft. The funnest gifts! These little things are called Sing-a-ma-jigs. They are so much fun! I bought one for Colt, one for Isabel, and one for ME!!! Only I gave it to Carol. Each has a different 'voice.' They can - ahem - sing in harmony. Jibber-jabber to each other. OR Each has their very own song to sing solo. (As long as you can continue to squeeze their tummy in rhythm that is.) I was in a local store looking for something specific for Colt, but couldn't find it...and since he's not but five weeks old, I figured he wouldn't get his feeling hurt if I waited until I could find it. But I stumbled across these in the store and fell in love! I put the blue guy in his stocking and the red one in Isabel's stocking. AND...they are for 3 years +. But I knew that John and Cody (except Cody had to work) would enjoy them. We all sat around passing them back and forth and playing with them. I'm telling ya...You've GOT to get each color!!! Yes...there are more than three available.

I sat around every night this last week crocheting scarves. Plan A did not work because I didn't have enough yarn. So on to Plan B. I made three scarves, but only gave two away...this red one to Brook
and a very pretty dark blue to Erin. Colt getting after the grub.