Sunday, July 15, 2012

Generation Gap - It's Just a Slip

I have a few slips that shrunk during storage - whistle...whistle...whistle...

When Jonathan, Sarah, and the girlies were visiting, I asked Jonathan if Sarah wore slips?  He replied that only old women wore slips.

Yes.  I gave him "THE LOOK"!!!  I'm seriously considering writing him out of my will.

Today, after church, Sam and I went to Mt. Pleasant to Catfish King.  A man and his almost 18-year old daughter were sitting at the table next to us.  She got up to talk to more of their family sitting at another table.  I caught Dad's eye, and told him that she needs to tug her hem down.  Yep...dress hem was stuck where it wouldn't have been had she had on a slip.

So...just because young women do not wear slips any more...does not mean that they shouldn't! 

And while I'm on the subject of undergarments - why-oh-why are you buying your thongs two sizes too small? (I purposefully did not try to find a photo to go with this paragraph!) When you wear a clingy dress or tight pair of slacks, do you want to know what it looks like to an "old" woman?  A sanitary napkin belt.  Yep.  Just dated myself.  For you younger people, do a search.  I'll not give you the specifics here.

But for modesty's sake, please purchase your garments and undergarments in correct sizes.