Sunday, October 30, 2011

Easy to See and Not So Easy to See

Fall in America = American grown apples for APPLE PIE of course! I always mix two kinds of apples in my pies. One is ALWAYS Granny Smith. I like for my apples to have some "bite" in them. This pie also had Honeycrisp, a delicious eating apple. Thank goodness I had my Grannies in this. The Honeycrisp cooked down to applesauce! But added a delicious sweetness. The Grannies are still sharp crisp slices. Just right!

The fog was really dense one morning this past week.
Those are old tree stumps, normally covered but due to this year's drought, most of our area ponds are either very low or totally dried up. Many ranchers have taken the opportunity to either dig new ponds in low lying areas or clean out their existing ponds. We have had some rain, but not enough for us or any of the surrounding counties to live the summer long burn ban.

Gorgeous color showing up in pockets.
How would you like to drive under this tree twice a day? I always slow down coming up to it to make as certain as possible that nothing was already cracking before I drive under it.

Every limb on the pasture side has died and fallen off. The limbs hanging over the road were green this spring, but as the summer drought and horrid heat tarried, the leaves started curling up and turning brown.

I'm hoping the owner will cut the tree down this winter. It's right beside "my" tree stump.
I would love to have a better ending to this "story" than...this...

I put the first two photos on the county's brochure I put together.
The property owner's son stopped by to visit and the judge gave him a brochure to show his dad. I asked him to ask his dad to cut the other tree and leave it for Spring and Summer shots. I've heard nothing...

(I also took the courthouse photo. Look at those clouds!)