Wednesday, April 21, 2010


First, the doctor told Mama that she was evidently scratching in her sleep. eyeroll He wasn't the least bit worried. She said he also turned her every which way but loose and said everything looked fine. Thank God!


Ooooh! At the top of the post!!How about the color of water? The bluebonnets are all mine! I went to a different car wash the other day. My sister-in-law, Carol was with me and almost rolled her eyes when I pulled the camera out. Yeah. I know. I have no life. ;o) Really, I DO! I'll be gone this weekend on a 5-day cruise to Cozumel. With three friends! Sam will have to hold down the fort by himself.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mixed News

Yesterday Sam and I visited his son and girlfriend. Elton and Carol went along with us. John and Erin are remodeling an A-frame house on Lake Texoma. The third floor was never finished, so they are turning that into a master 'suite' (as much as the 3rd floor on an A-frame can be) and putting in bracing that was left out when the house was built. He said doors are not only opening correctly now, but are staying shut when closed.
They are living in a garage converted into a game room...dry bar, pool table, bodacious stereo, sofa sleeper...NO WATER. So they trek across the driveway and up to the second level of the A-frame to the only functioning bathroom on the property.

I stuffed the fish
(remember, it's a cat bed/toy) into a white kitchen trash bag. The bag was short so the tail stuck out. We walked into their temporary abode. I started pulling the fish out of the bag. John looked funny. I asked if they could guess what it was. Erin looked funny. She looked at John...John looked at her. I thought, "Oh, no! All that work (and incidental cussing) and it's going to be stuck in a closet!" I explained what it was and they both smiled. Okaaaaay.

We walked through the mess in the house then went to eat at a water-side diner on the lake. Before the food came, John had some news. We're all thinking "MARRIAGE." Nope. Erin is having a baby in November. Even though John described it as a 'peanut with a heartbeat,' Erin said, "It's a girl. My family has girls." She has a sister...her sister has two daughters. John, of course, says it's a boy.

Later we women were sitting around talking. John had seen the printed fabric through the white bag. He wondered what was going on because they just this past Tuesday decided to start telling everyone about the pregnancy...and here I walk in with what looked like could be a baby toy/something. Erin wondered if John had already told us since they'd made the decision to tell us in person, not on the telephone. So they were both wondering what the other had done. LOL Then, Erin repeated something Elton said that rather skimmed past the rest of us..."You can always stack diapers in it." THAT really had both of them wondering what we knew and who had told!

While we were visiting after lunch, Carol got a phone call. Her 96-year old mother was sent to the hospital with pneumonia. Not good. Before we stopped for supper, she received a call that her mother was responding to medication. She's still not out of the woods, of course. Carol will leave for Granbury this morning for a few days.

Mama goes on Wednesday not Monday to have her mole checked out. I generally try to drive her to her doctors' visits but won't be able to on Wednesday. I've got some clothes to wash Monday for an upcoming trip that I leave on Thursday, but I will be seeing her as much as possible these next three days before I leave.

Have I mentioned...I'm going on a girlfriend cruise! Out of Galveston to Cozumel and back. Four of us. In one room. We are going to have a blast!