Friday, July 1, 2011

Any Rain in Them Thar Clouds?

Sure...just not over my house! However we did not get the bad weather! In Gilmer, a building on the courthouse square lost its landed on the courthouse lawn! Trees down on the ground and through roofs of houses. As much as we need the rain, we do not need loss of property and possibly lives...

My very FIRST lightning strike photo.
I am so excited! I know that it's not very showy. But hey! It's my first!

The hole in the clouds over my house.
Yes that is a bit of an exaggeration, but there is a hole in the clouds...and I am standing in my front yard.

Moving the camera just a rain in these clouds!
Every so often, afterwards, not while I am taking the photos mind you...afterwards I see an antennae or "guy" wire in my photo. Sam's Ham radio antennae is such a part of my sky view that I do not notice it!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Time....

...and the living is easy. Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high...

And the pear tree is loaded!

I should be ashamed of myself. I should've gotten out after the fruit set and thinned. Alas. I didn't. I noticed a broken branch, so started thinning.

This was a cluster of SEVEN!

As I thinned, I could visibly see the limbs perking up a bit. They should've...look at the ground!
Hopefully the squirrels will eat these and stay out of the tree. Hmmm...ever seen a smart squirrel? They play kamakazi in the roads around here.

Sure wish there was some rain in these clouds!
My crepe myrtles are a-bloom. Here's the newest addition to the neighborhood.We finally got some rain last night...but not enough to lift the county-wide burn ban. This was sunset just after the rain. The worst of the storm was to our southwest, and the clouds are still very heavy. The lightning just lit up the jagged bolts.