Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just Stuff

One morning I stepped out on the front porch with my camera to check the clouds. While standing there, I heard a hummer. It flew toward the feeder as I watched not moving. 
Then it decided to check ME out. LOL

Last Tuesday evening while watching television, I looked out the back door. The sky was orange. I've never seen an orange sky. I called Sam's attention to it as I jumped up and grabbed the camera on my way out. Unfortunately, the color just does not show up in the photo. RATS...

Kids in church...a few weeks back I mentioned about a little girl saying, "God bless you," to someone who sneezed during church. It was not a whispered was a regular voice blessing. :-)

This morning a little girl down in front of us was singing. She sang during the song and quit singing when the congregation stopped. She did this with every song. Sam and I looked at each other and just smiled.

there are the parents who do not get to hear a word of the singing or sermon because they spend the hour shushing their child(ren). I'm not talking about infants and toddlers who are learning how to act in church...I am talking about kids who are at the age that they should be sitting quietly. I do not know why this mother does not have a "bag of tricks" for the kids during church: sketch pad, colors, coloring book, story books, etc. ANYTHING to keep them quiet.

It's a mind-boggling thing.