Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Beautiful Day to Ride!

We left the house this morning all bundled up against the 53 degree temperature and rode 40 miles to Longview for the Harley Shop's open house. I rode my own bike. Here's proof:

Mine is the solid red bike in front. Sam's is the cream and burgundy beside it.

We hung around there most of the day before heading home. When we got home, I had Sam to adjust my handlebars just a bit closer to me again and attach my new "glove compartment," better known as a windshield bag. Now I have a place to put my shades or whatever. I also purchased a red cap with bling-bling on the visor and a turtleneck sweater. All, of course, with Harley-Davidson logos!

Look at this! Some guy refurbished a WWII era Military Police motorcycle! Look at the "hand grenades" in front of the leather saddlebag.

Oh! We won two door prizes! Sam won a breast cancer awareness cap, white with a pink bow. Then I won a pair of pink-framed sunglasses...I'm not into pink very much. I saw a friend's little girl and gifted them to her. She was really excited...the shades match her pink helmet!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Third Place Ribbons!

I won two third place ribbons this year during our local fair! I entered a quilt, a pair of knitted socks, a knitted shrug, and some scuppernong jelly. The shrug and the jelly placed third in their categories. (Note: Scuppernongs are a wild grape native to North America. and

Sam and I were in Jefferson for the Boo Benefit (motorcycle rally). A girlfriend entered my items and took care of them for me.

Our Friends of the Library group won several ribbons in the food categories! Pat won Sweepstakes with her cookie recipe. Earlene and her mother placed second and third, but I've forgotten what they entered. Those three recipes are in our cookbook...which is for sale...see the relevant post below... Nancy won first place in jellies with her pomegranate jelly...then I got third. We eat good!

I had a request to post photos of the front of the shrug (this was before makeup and hair was combed) and the other items I entered:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Husbands Who Quilt

I've tried to intice Sam into quilting. I have failed miserably. Of course, it keeps him out of my stash so perhaps that's not too bad after all.

When I look at a blog, I click "Next Blog." So many times I find nothing of interest (especially when it's not in English - I'm a one language person). I love looking a photos even if I can't read the language. On occasion I stumble across a 'new' quilting blog. This evening, I found two male quilters. Tom, retired, who is a quilter and a wood carver. Via his blog, I found John, with small children, who quilts. I added their blogs to my list so that I can stay in touch with what they are doing.

Perhaps I'll show Sam...then again, if I expect him to stay out of MY stash, maybe NOT!