Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Change of Plans

I have been pleasantly surprised. When the county judge decided to retire after this term, we knew that we would be getting a new county judge. We had people running in two parties for the position. After the November 2 election, we now know who it will be. Since the judge is is his administrative assistant.

After the primary, I plastered my resume around the courthouse because there is going to be personnel changes in several offices. Then, the part time position with the Chamber of Commerce opened up and after interviewing, I was offered this position. I thought that part time would be sufficient. Unfortunately, while it helps "this" month, it does nothing for my retirement. I could see that some day I might have to sell my home and downsize. I do not want to HAVE to do that. If I want to is one thing...but to HAVE to is a whole 'nuther ball game. (Don't know what happened to the font!!)

I made sure that the county judge-elect had a copy of my resume. I interviewed Monday afternoon. Around 5 p.m. that same day, she called and offered the position to me. I was shocked. With this economy...

I learned a long time ago to pray for MY job. Not to pray for "A" job or "THAT" job. This time I also prayed that the CJ-elect be guided in her decision. I do NOT want someone else's job!

I honestly thought that I had blown the interview because of one of the duties that I had no knowledge about. Not something hard...just something I did not expect. The few years that I worked across the hall in the probation department and I did not know that the CJs office handled indigent cases. I repeated that about three times. I turned to the CJ-elect and said, "It's not a problem. I just didn't know that."

I walked out after the interview and did the head thump (when no one was watching of course!). Well, I thought. I'll be keeping the part time job a while longer. So when the call came in. I was shocked. Elated. Jumping out of my skin. HALLELUJAH!

But then I had to tell my current employers. That was hard. I fully intended this job to be my last before real retirement. It's been handled. Now the world knows.

And I need new clothes. YIPPEE...except I HATE shopping for clothes. I pretty much hate shopping for anything.


Except maybe yarn.

And definitely quilt fabric. :o)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to the World!

Colt Hughlan
Born Sunday, November 14
2:37 p.m.
6 pounds 1 ounce

Proud Grandpa

Sam, John, Erin, Colt Everyone, thanks for the congratulations and best wishes!