Saturday, February 20, 2010

My NEW Room

This is it so far. Got a lot more stuff to store and put away. Sam cut the left L off the corner desk and attached it on the right...and...made a drop-deck for my sewing machine! He saved the cutout and fixed it so that it would drop back in the hole for when I add the embroidery attachment. I am soooo excited! Edited:
Sandy, The floors are Bruce laminated hardwood, Gunstock color. And, yes, Sam built a box under the desk...that's what you see in the photo. I'll take more photos and post later.

Karen, The frame is a Hinterberg. I bought the Easy Built Kit. Sam bought three lengths of conduit and a long board then put it together. Best I remember, cost was about $100 total. I really, really like it!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Resting Tonight

Because tomorrow I get to start putting my sewing room back together! Which includes hooking up my printer, router, all that good stuff. I'll take a photo of the floor then and download it to my computer so that I can show y'all. Sam did some work on my sewing table too. It's a corner computer desk. He cut off the left L and moved it to the right. Well...I'll show it to you some time this weekend.

In the meantime, I made these before I tore the room apart.
I was confused about something, but still... Pat handed me three tablecloths back in November. Two to cut around the stains for napkins for the catering we do as library friends. I thought she said that the white cloth I cut up was her grandmother's. So, I made the pillows. I e-mailed her Monday to tell her that I needed to talk to her and to come to the library. She called and asked, "What have I done?" LOL She brought her daughter for backup. Which turned out good for Mary, because Pat handed one of the little pillows to her. Even though the white fabric in the center of the CQ block and the back of the pillow (with some stains) was NOT her grandmother's tablecloth, she does have something in honor of her grandmother.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Things First

The memorial service for Mrs. W was beautiful! The previous night, the family had asked for remembrances. Many were short and sweet, a few were eloquent. When the officiant, a nephew of Mrs. W's finished reading the very last extremely beautiful tribute to Mrs. W, I thought..."End of service. NOTHING else needed." Of course, he continued. My mind wandered as I thought about the large family and numerous friends that this dear lady had. I gazed through the leaded glass window of the chapel. I really didn't hear much of anything else that he said. Nancy's tribute was enough.

OH! As you entered the chapel, a table had been set up with photos. Covering the table was one of Mrs. W's quilts! AND, instead of the usual blanket of flowers on the casket, another of her quilts was spread. Much, MUCH better!

I was so tired when I got home after working the library all day. But I made a bee-line to my sewing room. (
I took photos the previous day, but they had disappeared off the camera card. totododo-totododo They showed the floor laid but without the quarter-round.)

This is what I saw!
Quarter-round installed!! Sam had also filled the tiny nail holes. We - probably he since I'm working all week - will prime, then paint the quarter-round to match the baseboards. That's why the paper is protect the floor from the primer and paint.

Getting closer to moving back in!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


BFF - since fifth grade - Earlene's mother died early Sunday morning. Mrs. W was such a sweet lady and at age 88 or so still lived alone. Until... She still went DANCING! Her ride was there to pick her up. Just as she got to the car, she fell, hit the concrete and broke her arm. To the the nursing home for rehab. And should I mention that at her age, the rehab was minimum...if next to nothing. She never returned home. Her outlook and over all health deteriorated.

BFF is the librarian at our small public library. I am her sub. So after working all day yesterday (Monday), I arrive home, and see carpet and padding rolled up in the garage! The table saw is there too. I stuck my head in my sewing room. This is what I saw!
When Sam picked me up for lunch, I asked what he'd been doing. "Piddling." In your shop? "No. Didn't want to turn the heat on up there just to 'piddle' around."

I'm almost certain he is spending the day "piddling" around again. YIPPEE!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flunked Out

I signed up to to the Lion Brand KAL (knit along). Isn't this pretty! One of my knitting goals is to knit an Aran-style sweater. This one 'looked' perfect. I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep up because (1) I am a slow knitter and (2) I do other quilt...cook...and eat. ;o) But OH MY! I had just about decided that this was over my head. Then thought perhaps not. It is just tedious. With the help of different colored stitch markers I was able to section off the different pattern changes. I realized that the worst problem that I had was on the reverse're supposed to knit the knits and purl the purls. Sometimes, because of the slant of the stitch, I couldn't separate the knits from the purls. I unknitted everything I'd done and am going to start all over. The cables were starting to look good, but I found several errors. The ribbing looked real good. ;o) But I had such stupid trouble with the Double Seed Stitch. The top left section on this end which is wrong...should look like the top right section on this end. This is the correct Double Seed Stitch... So. I have unraveled the whole thing (small percentage of the sweater that it as) and am casting on a circular needle and will knit all right side rows in the round. Hopefully that will take care of that wrong side problem. I also decided that a M wouldn't be large enough so will be casting on a few more stitches.