Friday, October 10, 2008

Beautiful Day to Ride

After lunch we went on a bike ride. I am getting more comfortable each time. Got down the driveway just fine and dandy. Also didn't have a bit of trouble when we got home. We rode around Lake o' the Pines today. I'd forgotten how curvy that road was too. Had to figure out what to do to keep my left hand from getting so tired from using the clutch. I realized that I was gripping the handlegrip all the time. So, I started straightening out my fingers when we were just riding. That helped.

We had to have gas when we got back to town. My first tankful is gone! This is getting more and more enjoyable. No photo today...

Tomorrow we are headed to Jefferson for the Boo Fest. There will be too much going on for me to be comfortable on my bike, so I'll be riding with Sam. This is a worthwhile event. Go to for more information.


I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at the public library while the librarian was on vacation. I cleared the computer area, scanned the library with my eyes (small library...just one room), then left promptly at 5 p.m. At 5:30 I receive a call from a friend who works for the sheriff's department. Dispatch called her...someone was locked in the library! He'd been in the restroom...and by my guesstimate for 15 minutes or more!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Did Not Drop It Today!

I am so excited! I did not drop my bike today. It's been a whole month (or more) since I've ridden...due to weather, work, bad cold, excuses, excuses. ;o) In the middle of the afternoon, we set out for not only some back road riding, but I even got on the highway!

I wasn't as nervous leaving the driveway this time...didn't fail to 'feather' the clutch but twice and killed the bike both times. After I got out of the driveway...for those who know this area...we hit FM 130 to FM 161 and all its curves to Naples. Through the Paul Pewitt school zone at the right speed, "Hello, Mr. Officer." I even smiled forgetting that I wear a full face helmet. ;o) We stopped at the Dairy Queen in Omaha, got something to drink, and waited out the school traffic.

South on US Hwy 259 back to town and home again, home again, jiggedy jig. I maneuvered up the driveway this time without a hitch and parked the bike where Sam told me to park it last time. APPLAUSE!!! APPLAUSE!!! If we were the high-fiving type people, I would've high-fived Sam!

I am so excited! I didn't even get nauseous like the last time - rather, the first time. I mean it. I was so nervous the first time I rode my bike that I could've thrown up my lunch...sorry to be so graphic, but it was that bad.

We went to the Longview H.O.G. meeting last night. I showed a photo of my bike to everyone there. The Lady H.O.G.s are planning a ride in three or so weeks. I told them that I didn't think so. I still need a babysitter. The lady sitting beside me said that she'd gone through the very same thing...that's what they are there for. So...every spare chance I get, I'm riding. I want to be ready to go!

On to more sedate matters...I finished a pair of socks! Talk about anti-climatic. LOL They fit great and are so comfy. I want to try to knit two socks at one time. Unfortunately, I didn't have the required needles...circular needles with a 40" cable. So I had to order some. Of course, you can't order just one item...makes the shipping too expensive, so I order sizes 1, 2, 3, and 4 with 40" cables so that I can knit any size yarn!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Friend's Cookbook

The mother of the owner/editor of a local news journal, The Trapper, told the librarian that they would put a flyer in the Trapper. I stood the cookbook on my counter with a few props. This is the photo she liked:

Family Reunion Time

This past Saturday saw the passing of Sam's family reunion. When we moved back, one of his cousin's wife, Doris, asked if we would take it over. I told her we'd half it. ;o) I know a few of his relatives, especially Doris and her family...I lived next door to her parents for 20 or so years. A really nice family!

I type the annual newsletter/invitation, then mail it. I also maintain the snail-mail list and the e-mail list. We recently moved the location from a county owned building with a high rental price and broke-down tables to a local church's fellowship hall available for a donation. The family voted last year to give the church what we were being charged for the other place. It is in a great location and the facilities are extremely well-maintained. Best of all, it has a fantastic kitchen with 2 refrigerators, 2 full-size stoves, 2 additional wall ovens, 2 microwaves, AND an ice machine! We felt as if we were in hog heaven our first year.

Doris and her daughter bring the serving spoons, knives, forks and paper products. And the Bingo game. The family brings their favorite dishes and appetites!

They've held raffles to help maintain a small country cemetery where many generations of family members are buried for many years. One of the most prized prizes is a water color of the "old house place."

We happen to have one hanging on our wall. My son, Jonathan, won it the second or third year we were in the family. One of the cousins asked Jonathan for it. He turned around to hand it to her, but Sam was faster. LOL And here's a scan of it: My address file is updated and Sam's computer has the new e-mail addresses. Only eleven months to prepare for next year!