Friday, November 26, 2010

My Turn!

We went to Brook and Cody's for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Drove to the dealership where we got the Tahoe to have a couple of squeaks taken care of. Stopped to see Colt...Yeah...Erin and John too...but they are incidental. ;o) (John was at work.)

Erin is a sweetheart. She said, "I bet Colt wants you to pick him up." What else could I do? Insult her?

I sat down with him, looked at Sam, and told him to get the camera out of my purse. Ta-da!
The dealership called that the Tahoe was ready (we were in a courtesy car). Sam went to swap out. Erin and I went to Target and Hobby Lobby. She said it was a whole lot easier with help. I do remember!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Do I Hear a Big...

...Awwww Funny thing happened.

Sam has a camera.

I have a camera.

I took several photos of him holding Colt.

He pulled his camera out several times.

Guess how many he took of me?

See below...

Yep. That's me on the far left out of reach of the camera flash watching television. But you can see who has 100% of Erin's attention!