Friday, August 1, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

...but I do know when I will be back again.

But first, we just had a wonderful visit with a high school friend. He and his family have been on vacation from Carlsbad, NM to South Carolina on to Branson, MO then here...actually they stopped here on their way to SC, but stayed with his parents. This weekend however is their family reunion and since his parents had a full house, they stayed with us the first night before the family congregated at the State Park. Five adults and 3 children...count them...8 additional people in our home - a two-bedroom house I might add. (We don't count the sewing/quilting room as a bedroom until the queen-size mattress gets inflated.) They were stacked like cord wood! LOL After a supper of hot dogs, I turned to the 6 and 7-year old girl and boy and asked, "What do you want to? Go to bed right now or go swimming?" Everyone knows the answer to that! We had a wonderful visit. Andy and Debbie, you are both braver than me traveling with the troupe you associate with!

Now it is our turn. Sam and I head to north Texas tomorrow; then to DFW for a 6:55 a.m. flight on Sunday. In Seattle we board the Star Princess for our Alaskan cruise - last year's Christmas gift from Sam's son. Thanks, John!

"See" you all after August 12. Stay cool! (99.9 at this moment...)