Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chocolate, Family, Late Winter

 I gathered the supplies for a new dessert from the King Arthur Flour website - Spiced Chocolate Tart
My version was not gluten free - I used my trusty food processor pastry recipe.

 While it was enjoyed - it didn't have enough ginger flavor. The directions said to strain the ginger pieces out, but Jonathan and I decided that I shouldn't do that. Thank goodness! The only ginger taste the tart had was when you bit into the bits of ginger.

 Kirk visited with us too. He is a hoot! I don't do animals in the house so he spent nights on the screen porch. He rather thought he was inside. ;-) Except when night fell...he howled. Jonathan said Kirk didn't howl...he barked and whined a bit...but did not howl. I'm sure he heard the coyotes howling.

The first day while Jonathan was out and about, he clipped a chain to Kirk's collar and put him outside under the pear trees. Kirk was NOT happy. Sam went out to check on him. He had dumped his food and water bowls, flipped his crate upside down and was in the crate barking. Poor darlin'!

My camelia bush is loaded! Won't this be a delightful site when it bursts open in red blooms?!

The first flowers of spring.


If you look down while walking, you'll see quite a few of these pretty little blue flowers sprinkled around.