Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Grey

I like Liam Neeson so went to see "The Grey" tonight. If I ever unwind, I'll go to bed.

Two problems with the movie:
1. Really, REALLY bad closeups of the fake wolf heads. If they weren't going to get a closeup of some real wolves, why not go the computer generated route? Some of that work can be so realistic that you can't tell the fake from the real thing.

2. When someone falls into frigid water in the middle of winter in Alaska when temps are well below freezing...if they don't get those clothes off, they will freeze to death!

Sheesh. Somebody out there thinks movie goers are idiots.

Next week I'll go see "Red Tails" - about the Tuskegee airmen.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Moving Day

Over the weekend we helped Colt and his parents move to their new home. A moving company moved most of the stuff. Erin had quite a bit packed up, but there she is 8 months pregnant with a 15 1/2 month old toddler. Oh...and John had to work Saturday until she was by herself.

We got there about mid-morning and I took over the best job - keeping Colt occupied while Sam went with Erin to what he could do in the "keep her from lifting anything heavy" job.

As you can tell, Colt worked hard. I rocked him on the couch and when he conked out, I placed him on the couch. Then - arggghhh! What if he rolls off? I put a bolster on the outside edge and held it in place with his high chair. Decided that wasn't good enough so scooted the big living room chair over against it. Then I went into the kitchen and wrapped dishes while I kept my eye on him. He slept two hours! And that was with the movers talking giving each other directions, running in and out of the house, doors opening, left open and closing - loudly. LOL He stayed in this pajamas all day.

When we got to the new house, Erin sent Sam, Colt, and me out for lunch. Colt was so good! His nap was late. His lunch was late. By the time we got some fried chicken down him it was 3 p.m.! This was our first just the three of us and we all did so great!

At the new house, he had to have some Cheerios for a snack and shared with PawPaw.

Then...he inspected his new digs. Yes. He is trying to crawl in the drawer! LOL