Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I've Done It AGAIN!

...Caused a controversy with my opinion.

We have a low railroad bridge in our town. For a very long time the clearance was 14 feet. That was low enough as it was, but the highway underneath had drainage problems so TX DOT - the state highway department - raised the level of the highway level with the curbs. Now the clearance is only 13 feet 7 inches.

Guess how many high loads still try to go under the bridge?! It is really amazing! Now we have signs at all points of the compass on the highways coming into town in plenty of time to turn around and take a detour. Still...loads hit the bridge. The worst culprits are the log haulers. They (as are other industries in the trucking business) are paid by the weight of the load, so they pile on another log or two.

My question is "How hard is it to put a tape measure on the load?!"

On our local newspaper's Facebook page, it was reported that on Monday, a guy hauling a piece of equipment (for the log industry) didn't just hit the bridge. Thank God no one was in the other lane.

People were blaming the highway department and the railroad. I basically commented that being from a truck driving family - the fault was the driver's and the driver's alone.

(Note not in my FB comment: After all the bridge does not rise and fall with the pull of the moon!)

OH MY GOODNESS! You would've thought I'd called him a murderer!! I didn't realize that I was being talked about nastily until I was showing someone here at the courthouse the photo the paper posted. Then I saw the comments - a woman (cousin/sister/something) took umbrage that I dare think it was the driver's fault. Then commented that someone who works for the county has no business commenting.

The county has no dog in this hunt. The bridge is within city limits. The highway is a state highway. The bridge is owned by the railroad. I did NOT comment as a county employee. I commented as being in a truckdriving family.

ARGGHHH!!! No one has even said whether the driver admitted being at fault. Of course, we all know whose name the ticket was issued in!

The shame of it about 2001 or 2002 a long hauler hit the bridge and knocked part of his load off his trailer. It landed on top of a jeep driven by a young man who had been married less than a year. He was killed instantly leaving a widow and two small stepchildren to mourn him along with his friends and the rest of his family.

A wrongful death lawsuit was considered, then the mother found out about the driver. He accepted responsibility and was taking it extremely hard - could not work and was barely functioning. In addition, log haulers and the indepent owners of the trucks/log yard/etc. are not rich people. She said that money would not bring back her son and she refused to file the lawsuit.

The point is - the driver took responsibility.

My dad, all three brothers, and my first husband were all truckdrivers. I imagine they had well over 150 years combined experience between them. One brother is still 'trucking.' NOT ONE OF THEM ever swiped a load off their trucks driving under low bridges!

My uncle did. He hauled a few loads of logs. He did hit the bridge with his last load and knocked off a couple of logs. Thank God no one was near enough to be hit. He got out of the log business real quick. He accepted responsiblity.

I decided I needed to label this C.O.W. - Cranky Old Woman 

Now - as soon as my boss returns from continuing education classes, I've got to fess up about the FB post. I will be removing my place of employment from my profile in the near future...but not just yet.

P.S. Found out that the driver received not one but three tickets! I know you are all totally surprised. Now - who was at fault?

Monday, February 18, 2013


Got reservations made and calendar marked. My friends and I have our deposits down for our next cruise! In a mere 356 days from now the five of us are heading to Galveston to board the Carnival Magic for a SEVEN DAY cruise to Key West then Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas. 

We were on the Triumph last year and swore that we would never sail on it again. Had it been our first cruise - it probably would've been our last. The ship was in major need of an overhaul back then. The crew was excellent - the ship was outdated.

The Magic is their newest having first sailed in 2011. We are so ready. One BFF is already checking weather. ;)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's Sunday!

Parents, PLEASE! Look at your kids' clothing before leaving the house! Her two sizes too small thong is cutting her hips in half. Then her too tight dress magnifies all the bumps and humps including the fat dimples! And she's really not too big...the clothes are just too tight. (For those of you who remember - looks like she has on a sanitary napkin doesn't it!!)

Cain loves chocolate chip cookies - just further proof that he is my grandson. :D

I made King Cup Cakes for our monthly birthday cake at work. Neither the judge nor I could find purple sugar crystals anywhere (without ordering which we waited too late to do) so she purchased purple cupcake papers. The recipe is on King Arthur Flour's website.

Yippee!!! After 21 hours of hand quilting, I completed the first pass on my applique quilt! The border is 10" x 94"...crosshatched and outlining the vine on both sides.

Next roll on the frame - starting on the blocks. I originally planned on calling this Rose of Sharon variation "Sherry's Rose." But since the death of Mama nearly a year ago now, this will be "Shirley's Rose."


Sam's computer has been pfffftttt. Working so slow most of the time. It would have a quick moment of sanity and work fast for a short time, then next time it would be back to its same old tricks.

Jonathan decided to downsize to a laptop so sold Sam his pc.

Jonathan and Kirk are visiting this weekend.

Sam and Jonathan are both in bed - still this morning - and I'm playing with Jonathan's laptop. Ssssh. Don't tell him but before he leaves Monday, I'm going to hide this and slip my laptop in his case!