Tuesday, July 20, 2010


About 6 pounds. In three weeks. I don't have a digital scale so have to guestimate.

This blog is getting plumb boring! No photos. No quilting. No sewing. No flowers. No gossip or information about anything. Just talk talk talk about exercising and slow weight loss. blech!!

I was watering my plants Friday. Had my back turned when I heard something. Turned around. One of the fern pots had slipped out of the plastic clippy-type holders and fell right smack dab on top of the mother-in-law's tongue/snakeplant/sansaveria. And broke several blades. Sigh. I keep the two pots on the floor of the porch directly under the two hanging ferns so that the water dripping out of the fern pots drip into the others. No more. Now the ferns are on the porch floor until I can get a better hanging pot.

I had an e-mail from Jonathan first thing yesterday morning. "Happy got hitched day." My heart went to my throat. I thought he'd run off and got married! To who?! Or whom?! About the third or fourth read-through...I finally got it. Sam and I celebrated our 13th anniversary yesterday. ;o) That was our first acknowledgement. MOF The ONLY acknowledgement from anyone else.

Love you Jonathan. But don't you EVER startle me like that AGAIN! Remember...THE Will?!