Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Long Weekend Trip - and Other Stuff

These are in the "other stuff" category. I fooled around with the templates in my cell phone. LOL Sam did not really appreciate the photo below. Wonder why?!

I took a couple of days vacation for a trip to Mt. View AR.  The colors are gorgeous! Once upon a time Sam would stop so that I could take pictures. Now I shoot them while he's driving. sigh...

This is called Ozark Mountain Pie. I got a slice at the Rainbow Cafe in Mt. View. OH MY GOODNESS! So good! I asked for the recipe. RATS! It's a specialty of the restaurant and they wouldn't share. However, I think I can replicate this. More to follow later. Butter and eggs are on the grocery list.
 When we were in Branson MO last month, Sam won a couple of tickets to a show. Grand Country Jubilee (or something like that). We took the opportunity to make a side trip to use the tickets.
This is the view I had. Sam sat to my right. Every time the performers moved to the left, I leaned left. The guy on that side probably thought I was putting the moves on him.

At intermission, he and his wife changed places. (This is probably the shortest hair-do I've ever seen on a woman. And, yes, Sarah. This is a woman.)

We ate at Jack's restaurant on the White River. A group of Miatas were in the parking lot. I took a photo of the car in the group I liked best. Sam told me I had good taste - this is a Porsche. :D

On the way home we spotted this on a trailer. Yep. I could see myself in either one of these cars.

This is the main reason we go to Mt. View...jam sessions on and around the courthouse square.

These photos of fall foliage are just south of Branson.

By now I believe y'all know how I love clouds. Aren't these in the Missouri sky unusual?!

This is for The Monitor - the local paper from the north end of Morris County. ;-)

Two years ago I purchased the two fabrics in the foreground from The Quilting Bee in Mt. View. I visit every time we are there. I found the fabric in the background in the sale bin. Pert near perfect match!
Big brother Colt reading to little brother Cain. I LOVE IT!

 It's truly funny how you associate "things." That pie up above. I thought to myself while I was eating it..."This better than sex!" Of course I didn't say anything out loud with Sam sitting across the table from me. Since the booth directly behind me was occupied I had to keep down the "When Harry Met Sally" scene... Anyway, I thought about...you-know-who. OH YES!