Friday, May 7, 2010

Job Title

Hey! I was going through some papers I got from the Chamber office. My new title is "Chamber of Commerce MANAGER"!! ;o)

While on that great Cozumel cruise, I broke a tooth. One of my bicuspids became a mono-cuspid. Sigh. I went to the dentist yesterday and he started the crown prep. While I was at the dentist office, Sam was waiting in the VA medical office. He's felt l0usy for over a week now. We both had a cold last week. I felt bad only one fever. He's been running a low-grade fever off and on for several days. I tried to talk him into calling the VA Monday and then again Tuesday to set up an appointment with them while I was at the dentist. When I mentioned it...he decided he felt better.

Sam is a healthy 75. But he's still SEVENTY-FIVE years old. I was worried about pneumonia. You know that pneumonia and - ahem - old age don't go very well together. Well, he didn't have pneumonia but is now on antibiotics. He should be feeling better soon.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yippee! I had a squishy in the mail from Karen/Quilts, Etc. Oh. I just realized I turned one of the Santa patterns over...Karen sent two of the blocks...the back shows the whole quilt. Each block will make cute Christmas pillows. She added the 3 fabrics to the prize booty. ;o) And what a darling apron pattern. I'll add it to my collection and may even use it! Thank you, Karen!

More news...I start work Monday morning at the Chamber of Commerce. Their secretary is relocating with her preacher husband...imagine that! When I interviewed, I was told that they were amazed at the number of applications which was attributed to the local economy. The top four candidates were chosen for interviews. When I didn't hear from them last Friday, I thought...Okay. You see...I pray for MY job. I want the job that fits me...and I want to work for people that I 'fit.' Since I've started doing that instead of praying for A job...I have never had a job I've been disappointed in. Monday evening a high school friend also a member of the Friends of the Daingerfield Public Library (me too) and also a member of the CoC...anyway, Vicki came to the Friends meeting following the Chamber meeting. She whispered to me...I didn't know you were looking for a job. The interviewer said she'd call Friday. No..she was out of town. I'll talk to you later. But she left before we were quite through. Tuesday, I got the call. Me Me ME! Vicki knew all the time but ducked out before I could corner her.

It's part time...but steady part time. (No more 6:30 calls from the school.) Monday through Thursday for 6 hours a day. Pay is NOT what I was making in Clute (no where near it!), but I wasn't looking for a 40 hour work week. High pressure all the time. Jump up from the desk to go to the rest room and hurry back. This one will reach that during the Chambers events though...but since there's no overtime, I'll have comp time. And even the four days a week...six hours a day is flexible.

I told the interviewers that I am the favorite daughter. I take my mother to her doctor's appointments. No problem...I can make it up by working longer days...or on Friday. Same thing for vacation. Very flexible. I'm happy!

The first test on this is Tuesday. Mama has a doctor's appointment during my work time. I'll train all day Monday. Go in Tuesday morning...leave at 10:30...pick up Mama and go to Tyler. When we get back to town that afternoon...I'll go back to the office. The current secretary is off Wednesday (remember...preacher's wife), so I hope to open Wednesday by myself and pour over the manuals...then I'll be ready for a Q&A session on Thursday. And may work Friday by myself too.

I am going to miss the school. Most of the high school kids are good kids. I enjoy many of the teachers and the administration staff that I've dealt with for five years now. One of our elementary schools is closing at the end of this school term. Non-retiring staff will most likely be shuffled into the two remaining elementary schools, junior high, and high school. While I would've really like to go full time at high school...I could see that that possibility would no longer be likely.

So...back to being a secretary! And when it's slow, I've already been told to bring a book. Do any of you doubt that I will probably be sneaking in some hand work for quilts or some yarn for knitting?! ;o)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Socks and Steel

I finished another pair of socks! I used self-striping yarn and did pretty good with keeping everything even until the toe. I thought I had all the remaining yarn with me and was making do with what was there. The toe was finished THEN I found more yarn that would've kept the pattern. But I ain't unraveling! Besides. The toes will be in the shoes. I got a hand-me-down patio set. Sam's son John (whose cats have the cat fish bed) had about five sets around the A-frame house he purchased. He was giving them don't know how many layers of paint are on the set. With the flaking, I can see cream, white, green, and LAVENDER!! Sam said something about getting me a wire brush attachment for the drill and I could sand the set. I'm thinking...WHAT?! And lose all that character??!!

We have a nice set with a glass table top in the screen room. I want this one outside by the pool.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cat Fish Pictures

Erin sent photos. Bug is the young black cat. Cricket is older and wiser. Erin said:

I have to tell you... these cats love the fish!
Bug is always hogging it as you can tell in the pictures. Every morning when I get up that fish is clear across the room. Bug likes to get under it, in it, and on top of it. I guess he gets under it and he moves it across the room. I don't know what he does but it is never in the same place when I get up.Thank you again for making that for them :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cleaning and Cooking

The freezing weather and the pine pollen should both be through by now. I moved my plants outside to the screen room and swept the floor. Look at the table! I've got to pick up some newspaper to start cleaning this...or some throw-away rags. I refuse to use a roll of paper towels on this mess. I want for real windows in this room. They would make it more usable.

I decided I wanted a pasta salad for lunch. I poured some olive oil in a skillet along with some minced garlic. Then immediately tossed in some thawed Tony Chachere shrimp...That's Louisiana wild caught shrimp. Sauteed until the shrimp was cooked...just a couple of minutes. Don't forget a bit of salt. OH! I need to get to the grocery store. No telling what the oil spill is going to do to the price of shrimp...

While boiling 8 ounces of rotini pasta, I took a spoonful of Penzey's Ranch Dressing mix and a spoonful of water...let that sit 5 minutes as the instructions recommend. Then I stirred in a dollop of sour cream and a dollop of mayonnaise. Gave it all a good stir. Then added some chopped black olives and celery and some quartered artichoke hearts. Spooned in the shrimp and stirred everything together along with some salt and fresh cracked pepper. Then...plated it. I topped it with a quartered cherry tomato and half an artichoke heart. Sliced and scooped out half an avocado. Sprinkled toasted sunflower seeds over the pasta salad and the avocado. I even drizzled a bit of red wine vinegar over both. Served with a slice of artisan bread...the LAST slice.

Alfred Hitchcock...The Birds

Do you remember the movie? Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren... Just about scared me outta my wits...what few I had as a kid. LOL It's one of those far-fetched movies but still kept me riveted to my seat. Still, whenever I see a large flock of birds or murder of crows (appropriate for a bunch of crows after seeing the movie don'tcha think?) I still think of Hitchcock's The Birds.

Sam and I have our own version. Ours is called The Alarm Clock. Sam calls it something else, but his term is really not suitable for print.

We purchased our home in 2004. Early one 2005 spring morning we were awakened shortly after daybreak with someone or some thing hitting a window. Constantly hitting a window. Constantly. Get my drift? Daybreak! NOISE! At DAYBREAK?! We are still in bed!!! Our persistent visitor was a Tanager. He kept fighting his reflection in my sewing room window. She kept vigil in the redbud tree watching her suitor fight...wondering who would win her lovely hand...I mean wing. Next spring...the same thing. We learned to shut doors before going to bed. Last spring. Nada. No uninvited guests. No early morning wake up calls.

Guess what? Theeeeyyyy're baaaaaack!

This time, she is the aggressor. While he watches from not too afar. Both in this photo. Juliette's on the left fighting at the window...look to the right in the tree for Romeo. Gotta hand it to her...she's persistent.'s hard trying to fight off that hussy. (These were all taken through the window so photo quality isn't that great.)