Friday, February 4, 2011

This Morning

I LOVE IT!! Sam said he thought it started snowing about midnight. Temperatures began below freezing and remained there. I left the house a bit early and made it down the driveway to the blacktop county road. Soft, soft snow with no undercoat of ice. No slipping and sliding for me. I stopped for photos every fraction of a mile. Just took my time. I don't know if you remember this old stump and fence...but my boss, Da Judge, wants two more photos of this scene...Another in the spring...and one in the summer. To go along with this one I took in the fall. She wants prints of them to mat and frame and hang in our office! :-)

We had a small turnout at the courthouse. Some offices didn't open at all. Others closed before lunch. We called around and found that the BBQ place was open so Da Judge went out for chopped beef sandwiches for us. We sat around the desk eating and talking. Did a bit more work. Next thing I knew my red blazer and scarf were tossed on a chair as she said, "We're going home." About mid-afternoon.

I stopped at the grocery store for milk and a few other things. Called girlfriend Earlene and told her the roads were wet but clear and the parking lot at the grocery store was slushy so she wouldn't have any trouble. I think I woke her from her nap! LOL

Tomorrow's Saturday! CARTOON day! ;-)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

True Grit

Okay. Now I've seen them both. Which is best?

John Wayne was a fantastic actor. This is one of the few movies he starred in that I did not like. I think that the lack of acting ability of the other two affected his acting as in "Who gives a care?" Glen Campbell could not act - PERIOD. How he ever got the part in the first place is beyond me. And poor Kim Darby just flat overacted her part. The blame, I guess, has to be placed on the director...
Sam and I watched the new version this evening. I liked it. Jeff Bridges is definitely NOT John Wayne, but he did a decent job and had I never seen John Wayne's Rooster Cogburn, I would've liked Bridges' in the role much better. Matt Damon has already proven himself. LOL When he (as LaBeouf) nearly bit his tongue off then lisped throughout the remainder of the movie. And that little girl! Hailee Steinfeld. Double thumbs up! And just as an aside...Barry Pepper compared to Robert sorry. Robert Duvall wins that comparison hands down!My complaint...the 'cadence' of the speech. It was more like they were on stage instead of on film. It was really a bit disconcerting to watch because of that.

But...I still enjoyed the 2010 version much, much better than the 1969 movie.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adults Could Take a Lesson

This is what you are supposed to do when the flag of your country comes by. Stand up and take your cowboy hat off. My niece said, "We didn't even have to ask him. He rose out of his seat when they rode by with the flag and took his hat off..."

See the adults in the background. Harumphf!