Saturday, July 28, 2012

No Matter How Small the Project

It's still called "sewing." ;-)
Mug rug for Nancy

Siggy squares for a quilting retreat (COF) in Branson MO.

PS Pool is clearing up!!!  Sam ordered new filters which he'll install next week sometime.  I decided our pool brush was too soft so bought a firmer brush today and it's knocking the last of the algae off.  Gotta get the swimsuit dusted off! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pool Update

The pool is FINALLY starting to look pretty!  The water is blue - just a bit murky - but we can SEE THE BOTTOM!  Woot!  Woot!  There's still some algae growing in 2 or 3 areas close to the top of the water.  Sam's been diligent about the daily maintenance as "prescribed" by the pool chemist at the place in Longview.  Maybe...MAYBE...we can be in it sometime next week. :D

I made a batch of pimento cheese this evening.  I always share with Da Judge. She's always doing nice things for me.  AND she really likes my pimento cheese. For the recipe, scroll down the right tool bar - "Labels" - and look for "Pimento Cheese."

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not much going on around here.  Sam has been fighting a losing battle with the swimming pool.  It's still green with algae growing on the walls.  Saturday a week ago, Carol and I were going to Longview, so I filled a fruit jar with pool water and took it to a pool place.  Came home with instructions on what to do.  Sam didn't have all the required chemicals so took another sample along on Monday and talked to the manager himself.  He's been diligently working on it this past week and the walls are clearing up a little...but it was so far gone we may not even get to dunk our toe in it before cold weather starts.

He decided to order new filters (old ones are 10 years old) which should arrive Thursday.

We did celebrate our 15th anniversary. Sam would not tell me where we were going to eat, but I knew not to dress for a night club...we don't go dining and dancing...besides, we don't have night clubs around here, we have beer joints. :D

When he headed east, I was pretty sure we were headed to Lamache's in Jefferson.  But he stopped at Wildflower Restaurant in Hughes Springs - a diner.  A diner I'm not that fond of.  I looked at him with a WTH look and he started laughing as he pulled through the parking lot and back to the highway.

I had Chicken Diavolo and he had Shrimp Lamache's.  DELICIOUS!