Saturday, January 14, 2012

Da Judge was given a Kindle Fire for Christmas. She mentioned needing a case and looked at me and said, "Like yours." And she smiled real big. I told her about the different type cases: pouches you put the Kindle in, then remove and had to lay the pouch down or whatever - or a case like a book cover. She said, "Like yours!" I asked her about colors and she said that she's an "autumn" person and the fabrics in the mug rug I made her for Christmas would be just perfect if I had more of them. I did.I told her she would have to stick some velcro on the back of her Kindle with my style case because I don't like the elastic bands holding down the corners because of my keyboard. She looked at her KF and noticed that bands would run across the corner of her screen. The stick-on velcro would be just fine. This is my Kindle and I'm giving it a good shake to show how well the velcro holds.
Sunrise... Day time...Sunset... (Not all on the same day.)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Open Mouth...

...Insert foot. Or in this case...tie fingers in a knot and stay off Facebook!

One of my "friends" who I've known since she was a little girl, posted a photo of Miss Texas (I think). Skinny. Terribly skinny. Looks like she works out...but skinny.

I commented something about her not living in the real world and the message our daughters are being sent is that they will never measure up without starvation, a hell of a lot of plastic surgery, and lots of $$$$. Someone else commented how pretty the woman was...she wishes she was that size. I posted the link about the story I heard tonight on ABC about size 6 models now being "full size"! (What does that make me?!) And said that by teaching our daughters and grand daughters to compare their bodies to these in an unreal world was not doing justice to our daughters.

"Friend" commented back that I needed to get my facts together.

I private messaged her. She was on FB at the same time.
Well, she doesn't watch ABC since they are mainstream media and tell lies. What I did not realize - she produces (y'all are gonna gasp here) - she produces little girl pageants. Yep. She told me not to post on her page any more. My last comment was that she was on a public forum...not a private forum.

I exited the private message. Went back to the thread and deleted my posts. Then unfriended her.

Ay-yi-yi! This young lady is larger than I am. Her precious little daughter is a cute little dumpling. And she's pushing the skinny-minny body image. We need to teach our daughters that they are precious. To treat their body respectfully. To eat healthy. To exercise. That either side - too skinny or too fat - is not healthy. I am amending that sentence to read, "That either side - anorexic skinny or morbidly obese - is not healthy."

But...I shouldn't've commented to start with. It would've been better if I'd just shook my head, let it slide by, and ignored it.