Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lunch Time

Sometimes I run errands during my lunch break. While driving, I am currently listening to To Kill a Mockingbird performed by Sissy Spacek. I pulled up in the parking lot, turned the ignition off, and sat there listening to the book while sipping on my iced tea...waiting until time to go back to work.

As I rolled my window down, I noticed the flags at the sheriff's office.
I started watching them dancing in the breeze. They were performing an intricate ballet. Carefully choreographed. Each doing their own thing until totally unfurled.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Highs and Lows

I got to hold babies this weekend!!

Wonder what Colt is dreaming about?

The photos of Isabel are on Sam's camera. He left it with Brook. She's been taking photos with the camera on her phone, but there's an internal spot that shows up on all of her photos. Her provider is going to exchange phones with her, but they have none in stock so she's waiting on a backorder. So Sam left his camera with her.

Holding babies was the definite HIGH of the weekend.

This was the low...
He burned my picture!

Almost home and we drove by...I saw the smoke and cried, "He burned my picture!" Sam said that the stump wasn't burned. Well this morning...sigh...I saw the proof of the dastardly deed.