Friday, February 6, 2009

CQ Anyone?

Crazy Quilt - that is. I started several blocks sometime last summer I think. A few wonderfully talented women over on the HGTV quilting forum started sharing their knowledge. I haven't done anything in a while. BUT...while shopping with Carol today (Sam and Elton were once again out of town - hope they don't "learn better" and stop going off together) I ran across a couple of Leisure Art books at Hancock's Fabrics. And they were half price. How could I pass up a deal like that?
Then. We went to the mall and I found several things at Dillards that I had to have. All were on sale and I think I did very well indeed.
Of course, before all that, we ate Chicken and Gnocchi at Olive Garden. Yummy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life Goes On

The busy weekend continued for me today. I attended a meeting with our librarian and Friends of the Library secretary. Another long day following Monday - an all day drive home. Tomorrow...nothing is scheduled. I plan to sleep as late as possible but will probably wake around 6:30 or so.

I don't think I've mentioned this...I bought a line-dancing instructional DVD after we got back from our Alaskan cruise in August. I looked up during one of the on-board classes, and there sat Sam with the camera. One thing I can say about the was a work-out!

Now...over five months later...I'm just working on learning dance #2. Yep. I'm that slow! LOL You can't learn it, if you don't put the DVD in the player. I have 'Slappin' Leather' down and am now working on 'Boot Scootin' Boogie.'

I found some videos from YouTube. There seems to be several variations of 'Slappin' Leather.' This one is similar to the DVD. I just figured out how to imbed a YouTube video! Applause!!!

Here's 'Boot Scootin' Boogie.' But not the variation I'm learning...looks like I need to try this one too.