Friday, July 2, 2010


I passed post #400! This is #403. WOWSER!

Penny, The older man came in yesterday, but I had only been on the treadmill for four minutes and didn't want to stop. He was gone before my 15 minutes were up. I'll be more diligent next time!

Two pounds! TWO!!! One - TWO! That's ALL that I've lost after four days in h*e* double l. I get home and the sports top under my XL t-shirt that looks like a sack on me covering my men's sweatshorts and green sports top and my spare tire...anyway...the sports top is in WET with SWEAT! I do not like sweating! I even went to the gym this morning...on my day off from work! I was there at 7:20. Tomorrow the gym opens at 8 ... yeah...I'll be going again. But Sunday they are closed! YIPPEE!!!! and HALLELUJAH!!!

The worst part of all this is that I do not like not eating what I want! Breakfast yesterday for example...1/2 slice of toast no butter or jam (it was with homemade bread so probably thicker and denser than the store bought 'wasp nest' as Jonathan's dad called it) and ONE cup of chocolate 2% milk. Lunch was 80 calories worth of tuna...JUST tuna - not tuna salad...4 Triscuits, a handful of baby carrots marinated in lowfat or nofat Italian dressing I forget what I bought, and half a Roma tomato with a bit of dressing poured over it. Supper...FOUR tortilla chips (break 'em in half and you have EIGHT-pffffttt) with salsa and ONE avocado enchilada a la rice.

That's the way I've been eating ALL week. Except for... ;o) Today... I still had the half slice of toast...dry no butter or jam...and the cup of chocolate milk...Gotta get the chocolate fix someway somehow. (Went to the gym...blech.)

For lunch....the Bible verse at the bottom of the receipt was Matthew 28:18 "And Jesus came and spoke to them saying, 'All authority has been given to me in Heaven and on Earth.' " That was one good fried chicken thigh, partial order of fried okra, one bite of was too sweet for me. I coveted the ear of corn the lady at the next booth was eating. But, overall - I LOVE Chicken Express. sigh

Tonight? I opened a can of green beans, poured them in a saucepan, sprinkled with onion bits, and yes I admit it 1/2 teaspoon of bacon grease. Boiled all the liquid away and savored every bite.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring

We've had 2 or 3 days with occasional rain showers. And it's raining again. Nothing dramatic, but the temperature has definitely been lower. How wonderful when it's in the late afternoon and evening. This morning it was only 72 degrees compared to the 77-79 that it has been running in the mornings about 7 o'clock.

Monday morning Sam suited up... ...and rode to participate in Harley Davidson's 5 Million Mile Monday. He visited with John and Erin. They met up after their trip to the doctor to find out whether the baby was going to be a boy or a girl. It's a boy! And they already have a tentative name picked out. It's such a good one with good reasons...if they change their mind I will be very surprised. No...sigh...they will not be naming him after me. ;o)

Me? Not nearly as sore as I thought I was going to be. But every time I moved anything today...even an empty file left shoulder (the muscles in and around it) ached. I didn't think I would be able to do the routine, but I did. Without any additional pain. I'm plumb proud of myself.

Penny, he hasn't been back...but I've been carrying my camera in with me.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

I Survived...

...the first exercise hour. I could have stayed another thirty minutes but a friend who came with me had all she could handle in the one hour we were there.

Poor dear...she got on the wrong treadmill. She set it at a speed she knew she could handle...yet for some reason evidently the previous programming was still in got faster and inclined...she was NOT expecting that. We weren't side by side and I had the earbuds to my MP3 player stuck in my ears, but I heard the kaloomphf. Quickly jumped on the side rails and turned my treadmill off before turning around...but I KNEW it was Pat. I was right. She was not injured. Got up...dusted herself off and stomped off to the recumbent bikes. You guessed it...she got a dud. I was watching her from my treadmill...yes...I am going to put my name on it to reserve it. I noticed that her pedaling was jerky. Well...smarty me...after my 15 minutes on the treadmill (I plan to work up to harder and longer...right...I am being sensible...LOL) I tried the bike she started on. Something was wrong with it. She had found a simpler bike...I found the mate to it. We pedaled almost side by side until she quit and went to the treadmill I abandoned.

While I was on the bike, an elderly man leaning on a cane came in. He walked over to one of the weight machines. I wondered how they worked so watched him (while I was grooving to Born to Be Wild). He set the weights where he wanted them. Did a few reps...moved to the next machine. I followed him with my eyes...I hope he didn't think I was hot for his body. I was just HOT! Even with the air conditioner...and fans blowing on me. I was soaked through. Anyway. He wasn't there long...just made his rounds on the weight machines.

Pat quit the treadmill and went to the weight machines. She did the boobie description. She told me it was for pecs. In other words... boobies... wish I'd had one of those machines when I was a teenager trying to grow boobies. Now I don't want 'em any bigger than they are...I mean...who needs boobies down to the belly button?

I digressed.

I eventually made it to the weight machines...tested the different weights. When I got it where I wanted it, I did 10-15 reps with each machine. Short Pat walked past one leg machine. I stopped at was set for the little old man leaning on the walking cane. I COULD NOT BUDGE IT!!!! That man has some leg muscles lemme tell ya!

I started back to the treadmill for one more 15 minute session when Pat stopped me, "We've been here an hour. I'm done." LOL She was probably right. It was time to quit.