Thursday, June 5, 2014


 We had a wonderful weekend! Isabel and her mother came for a visit. :D We had frogs in the pool, so of course had to have a frog rescue.
It was strictly catch and release - catch out of the pool to release in the pond. (There are SIX in the cup!)

I can get this one! I expected her to go in, but she didn't...she didn't catch the frog either.

Time for some water dipping...and pouring.

Pawpaw supervises from the sidelines.


The next day we went to the Pittsburg Art & Wine Festival. We really enjoyed ourselves because it wasn't a big to-do! The humidity was horrible as is evident by Isabel's sopping hair.

She had a switch and was switching at Uncle Jonathan. When he would grab the end, the smile left immediately as she said, "Mine!" As soon as he turned it loose she would come at him again.

My garden... 

I was so disappointed when I discovered that my husband did not like to garden. Isn't that what you are supposed to do when you are retired and have TEN acres? this was my idea for this year. Tomatoes in old flower pots and a brittle bucket. Doesn't matter the "venue," I am going to get a few tomatoes!

They do have to be watered every couple of days. And since they are in containers, if they are still alive as it gets hotter, we can move them into the screen room out of direct sunlight.

A word about the pool. It looks a mess. Even though it is clean and algae free, it does not look it. And did you see the "bull-nose" tile edging the pool? The pool man who came out and looked at the pool said that it needed to be drained, cleaned with muriatic acid, then the tune of $1500. He also said that he'd never seen the edging do that. Of course what happened, is that tile is not sealed so that when it rained it became saturated and then when it froze, the water expanded and "popped" the tile. 

When we made our offer on the two-year old house (bank repossession), we deducted the value of the pool. The bank readily accepted our offer. I tried to get Sam to knock a couple of holes in it to fill it in. He didn't want to then and still, even though he complains about the pool, does not want to fill it in now. Our budget being what it is, it has to stay this way for a couple more years until my Tahoe is paid for. We are aiming at the winter of 2016 for a pool renovation.