Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am miserable! Couldn't sleep last night. At least not until just before the alarm sounded. Sooo sore between my shoulder blades from lack of sleep and tossing and turning. I got up about midnight and read...but my eyes were so tired. Sigh Today I've had to use so many tissues I should have stock in Kleenex.

Mama...I hoped her surgery wouldn't be set up any time near Christmas. We were both surprised with how soon! Pre-op is Monday! The surgery is the following Monday! WOW Didn't know doctors could schedule things so fast.

A few short years back, the same doctor/surgeon fused four vertebrae in her lumbar area. He's going to fuse the vetebrae just above that section to the four already fused. Unfortunately he has to make an incision to cover the old area to check on the hardware, remove the short rod, add a longer rod with the additional hardware, etc.

Another thing about my mother...she can't take the 'good' drugs. She is highly sensitive to every narcotic she's ever been given. Of course this is not found out until she's been administered the drug following surgery. So...dealing with the pain from the surgery and the vomiting from the drug... She's a mess. She started asking doctors for one or two tablets of the next best drug before the upcoming surgery. Yep...urp-arama.

And that's all the fun I can handle for a while. ;o)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Have a Cold...

...and I haven't accomplished anything...anything that I REALLY want to do. No. I haven't cut out the homespun fabrics for my planned French Braid quilt. No. I haven't cooked anything fun, fascinating, or delicious. Sigh...

Prior to the cold I did *ugh* iron some clothes. But not all of them. ;o) Ironed my blouses and slacks that have to be ironed and one of Sam's shirts. He has several more waiting. But they don't know and he still has plenty in the closet. So...

I did wash sheets after his brother Terry spent the night. Guess who the next person to spend the night was. Yep. Terry. I bet he though he was getting maid service...clean sheets two nights in a row. Those sheets are washed yet again, but the bed is not made yet. Anyway, I don't remember making it. I'll have to poke my head in the guest room door and make an assessment on the situation.

Sam's family reunion went off without a hitch. Fewer in attendance. That way we got to visit more with those who did attend. Food, as always, was excellent! One of these days I'll figure it out. EAT DESSERT FIRST! That way I'll make certain I have room for a sliver of each different dessert! Sounds like a plan to me!!!

I worked several days last week subbing at high school. Took Mama to the doctor in Tyler Tuesday...I'll fill you in on that later. Worked today and will tomorrow at the public library. I hooked up the scanner for the books today! Yeah! We are entering the 21st century!!

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kissing Cousins

Visit Best Kisses. Three of my photos are posted: