Saturday, October 9, 2010

Too Tired!

Too tired to blog. Too tired to upload photos. If I only knew where my camera is... It's either in the pickup...or maybe on the dining table. It might possibly be in my purse where it belongs, but probably not. It stands to reason that it's in a t-shirt box in the Chamber of Commerce office. The closer to 4 o'clock that it got...the lower the sun was in the sky...the more sun was coming down on me. I kept moving my chair to the shade. Before long...the table was waaaaaayyyyyyyyy over there! LOL

A friend, HEY ANDY! sat with me last. He helped load boxes and chairs in one of the Director's Yukon and my pickup. After we unloaded at the Chamber office, I asked the Director, "What do I do now?" She said, "You're through. Go home." So I did.

Then I thought that I should've made another round visiting with the few vendors that were left. I probably should've stayed until they all left or at least had touched bases with them before I left.


I am NOT going back to town though! I am dedicated to my job, but not so dedicated that after a boss tells me to go home that I show back up again. LOL Unless perhaps we go back to hear the band playing for the street dance.

Andy followed me home. He and Sam are watching the Texas A&M and Arkansas football game. I took a quick nap until somebody hollered, "CATCH THE BALL!" I grabbed for it...but missed. ;o)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Bit of Texas in Australia

I "met" Aussie Cherry a year or so ago. She had the cutest photo in the header of her blog. Two of her grand daughters sitting on the beach, facing out to the sea. Cherry took a photo of them from behind. So cute! She has since changed the header several times.

Cherry and I have so many things in common. Not to mention the rhyming names. ;o) Her artistry lies in photography while mine is mainly in quilting.

Via her blog, I have followed her travels. She once stated that she purchases ornaments for her Christmas tree where ever she travels. I asked if she'd like to have a Texas ornament. Once agreed...I then had to find an ornament that was NOT Made in China. It was not an easy task. Last month Carol and I went to an arts and crafts show in Gladewater. We weren't there long...we like antiques and quilt...the artsy/craftsy stuff just wasn't our thing after all. We wound up in the antique stores. Before leaving the artsy/craftsy ground, I did find THE ornament.
I packaged it carefully, sent if off at the post office, and prayed that it would arrive in one piece. I did not e-mail Cherry. She got it! I hope she enjoys her bit of Texas each year.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Twelve pounds. Let me repeat myself...

TWELVE POUNDS!!!! It's about time!

This has been such slow going...but I'm jump starting it again this week. Can I tell you how busy I am?...which leads to how tired I am!! ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

Last week I just flat did not sleep very well. If I went to bed at 10 p.m., I would wake at 5 a.m. So....I would go to bed sometime between 11 and midnight. It worked pretty good for the week, but I did run out of steam over the weekend. Especially by Sunday. We had Sam's family reunion Saturday...we do the putting it together here in town. Then on Sunday Carol and I drove to Corinth...a three hour drive...for the baby shower.

Then...Monday night. LEG CRAMPS!!!! I had been asleep about 30 minutes or so when something woke me. I couldn't go back to sleep so sat up, played Mahjong on the computer, listened to an audio book. Got back in bed about 2:30 or 3 a.m. The next thing that I am aware of...charley horse in my right calf like you would NOT believe! Where's the rusty butcher knife? Cut the leg off at the knee! Anesthesia not necessary! Where's the potassium?!!! ALMOST OUT OF POTASSIUM...not only in my body evidently, but also the bottle. Then...the alarm went off at 6:45 a.m.

I was a zombie yesterday. A friend commented about how tired I looked. Ha-HA! I worked all day then went to the building where the community stew is going to be served and helped set up...Chamber of Commerce work for Daingerfield Days. The dinner is another long day.

Needless to say, I won't be going to the gym any this week!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Couple of Things

I've signed up for a quilting retreat the end of next April/early May in Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm one of 99 other quilters who frequent the HGTV quilting forum. The planners/hostesses are putting together a wonderful retreat. Quiltaholic posted three questions about her grand state. I answered all three correctly and was entered in a drawing for a prize. I WON!! I have a few projects ahead of gifts...but am anxious to start cutting on this too!Here's Sam's best friend since 5th grade, Ben. Ben bought a 'toy.'

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby Shower

Erin, mom-to-be.
Opening her baby quilt while her sister and nieces watch. Smiling big. Whew! I received several compliments on this. :o)

Erin did not realize that I had made the bunting. (No photo from the shower, just scroll down.) She picked it back up and said something about it. She had picked out one of them at her registry. I told her to unzip the zipper a bit and look at the label. Until then, she did not realize that I had made it.

Of course, Brook now knows what she is going to get! LOL When Erin opened out the quilt. I heard Brook say, "I'm going to get one of those!"
The cousins will be two months apart in age.

Family Reunion

First to arrive bearing good eats! Signing in, guessing candy count, etc. Good need to show more than the desserts. ;o) Eating and visiting. Door prizes included Joan's rendition of the old family house place. (Sam was born in the same room of this house that his dad was born in. Carol and I each won a blue gift bag with this in it! This 2 month old sweetie, Hunter, was the youngest in attendance. His big sister, Bailey, was excited to win the candy jar. She guessed a count of 75...missed by only 3. Bailey has to return next year with a jar of candy.