Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Glad I'm a Texan Living in Texas

Just last week when I had the oil changed in my car, the young man who is a co-owner with his brother of the lube place that I use...he called me "Sugar." He is young enough to be my son. LOL Today I called the a tourism business about some up-to-date vacation guides. When I thanked him, he replied, "You're welcome 'hon'." And from his voice...he could've been the age of an early in life son. LOL

See! It's not just the southern (and Texan) women who say "Sugar," "Babe," "Honey," or "Hon." It's the men too! I love it!

As long as...I'm not in the office and some guy says, "How about getting us some coffee, Sugar." ...not a request... The reply then becomes, "Sure 'nuff, Darling." With a snide smile. There's places for it...and places NOT! IF I OFFER (or it's part of the job like setting up for a Board meeting), then I'll go get the coffee. Last place I worked was a large company, the son (future 3rd generation soon to be owner) was setting up for a meeting. This was a GOOD company to work for! He asked where the coffee thermoses were (those vacuum type with the pump). I was at a stopping place and told him that I would locate them, fill them, and deliver them to the meeting room. He said something like, "You don't have to do that." I replied, "I have time to do it." He thanked me and went on about his business while I brewed fresh coffee...

TTYL Darlin's. :o)