Monday, November 26, 2012

Colt's Second Birthday!

Baby brother Cain trying to decide which end of the toy to eat first.

Ah-ha! Success! :D

John and Erin decided to purchase a bounce house instead of renting one. They said that the cost was the same a renting twice. It was used on Colt's birthday, then inflated again on Thanksgiving. Sounds like a good buy to me!

Colt checking out his new jungle gym - er, I mean, picnic table.
What do you mean "Don't touch it?!"
I'm only TWO! I HAVE to touch it!

Isabel and Colt just pretending to be asleep. So cute!
Gorgeous early evening view.

My soap was gummy. I asked Sam if he could take a piece of wood and cut lengthwise grooves on one side and widthwise grooves on the other creating holes for drainage.

It works!