Monday, July 22, 2013

All I Want

I saw an ad on a Facebook vintage stuff for sale page: mid-century vinyl couch. 


It reminded me of a Darius Rucker song (click song title):

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunrise - Sunset - And all Good Things in Between

I am measuring my food and have been surprised at my interpretation of a serving is and what the package states.

Did you know that a serving of almonds is 24 almonds and has 160 calories? Sigh.
This is what one (LOL) serving - 1/2 cup - of Blue Bell Honey Caramel Greek Yogurt looks like. It has 190 calories. 
ONE-HALF CUP! I could eat a whole pint in one sitting. I HAVE eaten a whole pint in one sitting!

One morning while still in bed, I looked out my north-facing window watching the clouds. Then I saw this. I grabbed my camera and ran down the hall to see the brilliant sunrise. There wasn't one! The best show was to the north.

A few evenings later, this is what I saw to the north...
 to the west...

to the north...

back to the west...

Then there are the grand things in between...