Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I almost messed up.

I'm not accustomed to working 40 hour weeks yet. It's really hard to do housework when you don't spend weekends at home. I hate ironing clothes! Have I ever mentioned that? Well...I hate ironing clothes!

Pine pollen season is over. My house needs a really good spring cleaning. Saturday afternoon while Sam was watching the race (since Dale Jarrett retired, I don't watch any more) I cleaned our walk-in closet. I had already stripped some of the old clothes out and set them aside for charity (delivered them yesterday). I tossed shoes out of one of the shoe racks and moved it out of the way so that I could vacuum that part of the closet floor. I walked out of the closet to put something somewhere else. When I walked back in, I tripped on the shoe rack. My mind was on the shelving...I did not want it literally ON the shelving! So I tried to make myself as small as I could tucking in body parts and ducking my head.

That probably kept me from throwing a hand out and breaking a bone.

My head hit a shoe. I lay prostrate on the carpet and thanked the sweet Lord because he led us to a house with a large walk-in closet. If it had been ten inches narrower...

Then I laughed at myself. Stooopid!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Many Blessings on Sunday

I got to see Isabel...more about that on another post.

The main blessing on Sunday had nothing to do with attending an organized church service. On our trip home, we stopped for a hamburger in Sulphur Springs (Texas). I noticed a couple of men dressed in fatigues and mentioned to Sam that I saw a couple of military men. When we entered the Whataburger...they were everywhere! I talked with one of the men and found out that they were from Little Rock and were on their way back to Fort Hood to complete their training before being deployed...he was headed to Iraq.
Sam had found out the same thing talking to the soldier he was visiting with.

Then Sam talked to an older man, a civilian. A Little Rock church (I didn't get all the information from the side of their bus but it was a Baptist church in LR) sent their big bus and their little bus to Fort Hood and brought the men and women back home before deployment! They were on their return trip at the end of their leave and
had stopped in Sulphur Springs in an area that had several places to eat and the soldiers had spread out.

We had a couple dozen soldiers eating with us.
Sam and I sat at a table eating our hamburgers. I could barely eat for trying to keep the tears out my eyes. I made certain that I looked at each person and said a prayer.