Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Story Published!

A local monthly newspaper-type magazine (does that make sense?) recently published one of my short stories. I sent them the three-part story I posted here in January of this year. For some reason, he picked only the center part to print! Beats me as to why...but it gives me another publishing credit!

I was in the library working when one of the members of our Friends group came in grinning from ear to ear. I didn't even know the story was going to be published - arrangements were made through NETWO (Northeast Texas Writer's Organization When Bobbie told me, you could've knocked me over with a feather. Later that day, another friend called and was so excited for me. I was walking on cloud nine.

OH! Almost forgot - Northeast Texas Journal out of Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Unfortunately, they don't have a website or I would post it!