Sunday, October 2, 2011

Reunion and Stuff

Another reunion behind us. Last year's attendance was dismal. This year was much better!

Sam visiting with one of his cousins.
Carol handling the buffet. I was across the room at the door making sure everyone signed in and took money for raffle tickets. I happened to look across the room and noticed that she popped something in her mouth. We made eye contact and she grinned. She was already hitting my deviled eggs. :-)

Last year I took squares of white fabric and some fabric marking pens. I asked every family to sign a square. There's not but 20 blocks in this quilt...and three have no I stated above...small turnout.
The quilt was on the raffle table...chances go for $1 each or 6 for $5. Money goes for a donation to the church for the use of their fellowship hall (a church where none of us are members, but they let us use their facilities and we give a donation for the use - the turnout was so low last year that the preacher told me he did not want to take the donation...I told him how much we took much I was told was needed for the cemetery fund...and that I was told to give him that...this year we were back on target). The balance of the money goes as I just the cemetery fund for mowing.

Red is one of my favorite colors. I finished the crocheted vest earlier this week and the hat last night.