Friday, February 26, 2010

Rainy Day But NOT Monday!!

It rained all day long. From the time I got up until the time I got home. It may still be raining now. Of course the heaviest was after I backed out of the garage and drove to school. Just poured down...then between the car and the building. I am so glad for that London Fog raincoat with a hood! I carry a purse and a bag filled with a book, my current knitting project, regular playing cards, Uno, Scrabble Slam, and a set of dominoes...think I've mentioned that before...just in case the teacher didn't leave any work...or not enough.

First period...had a student with an attitude at the very beginning of class. She didn't get any better. After a back and forth to the office, I sent her the second time. She is now in detention. Hopefully she won't try to convince me again that as a freshman she has an empty class slot, and that she's not who she really is. I sure wish that they would leave their attitudes at home!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments full of envy and jealousy. Yes, my friends, I can read between the lines! LOL I am having a blast with my new floor and chair. Tomorrow I plan on sorting through the last of the things on my guest bed and do a bit of quilting.

Sam said that he was going to do a cardboard mock-up that would represent the height and size of my requested cutting table to make certain that it was what I wanted. Silly man.

Another of my comments pertained to a post on Christmas Eve when I made gumbo.

I use Tony Chachere's wild shrimp caught off the coast of Louisiana. Cindy wrote:

Thanks for buying wild caught Louisiana shrimp!

Cindy Adams-Ardoin
Food Scientist
Tony Chachere's

Now, how neat is that?!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not Even ONE Stitch!

I haven't quilted a single stitch yet! I subbed at high school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Watched American Idol, then the Olympics while I did a bit of knitting on that knit along that I've flunked out on. I finally got all the stitches for the front and back cast on the circular needle but am still working on the lower ribbing. I told y'all. I'm slow!

I didn't work today, but Sam did...and yesterday too...helping his brother Elton with texturing and priming in the apartment Elton and Carol are working on. (They've lived in an Avion travel trailer since August 2008. The apartment is the next step on their journey to building a farm house.)

So. After Sam left, I walked into my sewing room to start quilting. Looked at my big desk chair and thought...SHOPPING! I went to Longview and bought a smaller "task" chair. I'm not sure I'm going to put the arms on it...I might and if they get in my way, I can always take them off.

Here's my desk chair in it's usual location.
LOL I can reach around behind me and touch the other chair. At least I have a second chair for when Sam comes in and visits me. And I'm sure you noticed the clutter...things are just about back to normal.

I made a stop at Hancock Fabrics. All sewing notions, buttons, etc. were 50% off. Couldn't resist these.
I need to get back to my crazy quilt blocks and finish them.

After Olive Garden...;o)...
I made a stop at Sears and purchased a new canister vacuum. Got so tired of pushing that upright. I didn't realize how much work it was until I ran the canister this evening. I might vacuum more than once every other month now. AND sooo much more QUIET! I get lazy and instead of running the dustmop over the tile, I vacuum it. The old Hoover was LOUD!

Back at school tomorrow...ta-ta!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quilt in the Frame

I didn't think I'd ever get logged in tonight! Don't know what the problem was...

How do you like my book shelf?!
All straightened up and neat...until I start researching the next project... ;o) That's part of the fun of being a quilter...or a knitter...or any sort of crafter.

Okay, here's the quilt.
It's a Rose of Sharon variation inspired by "Rose Spray" in the book Great American Quilts 1997. Think I'll call it Sherry's Rose.Whaddya think?

The frame is a Hinterberg kit. I bought it shortly after Sam and I married. He bought the three lengths of conduit and the long board between the uprights. I needed some side tension so bought some spring plier-type clamps. Or the more technical term, "whaddyacallums." I also purchased some velcro-type stuff. Sewed wrong sides together. Then asked Sam to somehow put the two things together. He slipped one red rubber grip off each clamp, cut a slit in the end and slipped the velcro strap through, drilled a hole in that handle end and bolted the velcro strips to the handle, slipped the rubber grip back on...times six. Voila. Side tension.

I watched American Idol this evening so didn't get a chance to quilt, but I did try my rolling chair and rolled from one end of the frame to the other. I LOVE MY NEW FLOORS!

How DARE you bring it up. NO...every single thing is still not put up. YES...there's still stuff on the guest bed. I'll get it cleaned up before you get here. Sheesh!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Eye Candy

I'm putting a quilt in the frame. NO! I don't have EVERYTHING put away. There's still a thing or two or three get the idea...still left in the guest bedroom. Don't nag! I'll get to it. In a day or two or three or...

In the meantime, how about some eye candy?!
Sigh...How I wish I had been there in person to accept the rose. Hmmmm.