Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deer in the Meadow

Three deer in a neighbor's meadow - on the way to work Friday morning.
Sam made a "skirt" for Shirley Anne. :D How about an extension table for my Singer Featherweight...  I need to make a carry case for the table so that I can carry it to quilting retreats.
The reverse side.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Bells

Best wishes to Sam's baby brother and his new wife - Terry and Sherri.

Cain ready for the wedding.

A good family photo.

Erin holding Cain...John holding Colt.

The men of the family.

Granny and Colt having a good time.
Actually, Granny was just about wore out before the evening was over.  The wedding was in Sam's sister's dance hall near Bay City.  Big space.  Colt had the 400 mile trip the night before and then was penned up in a hotel suite.  He had gone with his dad to eat lunch with Uncle Terry, but that just wasn't enough of a break.  Prior to our stopping by their hotel to lead them to the hall, we found that Colt had ripped all the diaper wipes out of the box and had strewn them all over the suite.  He had also managed to get to the microwave, open the door, and drop the glass turntable on the floor - and it broke.  

That little boy ran all over the hall! I tried my best to keep up with him.  Over to the pool tables to show him how the cue ball gets dropped in a to the end to see it magically appear.  Grab it, drop it in another pocket.  WOW!  HOW COOL IS THAT?!  Repeat...over and over and over again.

Run over and disappear behind the six feet tall speakers where all the speakers, amps, and only the sound man knows what else are plugged in.  And guess what?!  BLUE LIGHTS!  Colts little fingers were just itching to push the blue lighted buttons.  I would have to remind him that those weren't Colt's lights and he couldn't touch them.  Whew...

Round and round and round he ran. 

I had a blast!