Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Day

...of 2007. We survived Christmas. I thought that there might be some problems, but I woke determined to have a good day. I don't know about everyone else, but it worked for me!

When we moved back "home" in 2004, I decided I did not want a China cabinet or a sideboard. We were fortunate that the kitchen had a pantry and a broom closet. I asked Sam to add shelving to the closet so that I could store my "fancy eating plates" and assorted glassware and serving pieces.

On the wall where the China cabinet/sideboard should have gone, I hung a compression quilt hanger. I have rotating art. No quilt stays up over six months and many change more often than that depending on the season. I don't have a specific Christmas quilt so I hung this one.

It is a stamped cross-stitch that took me two years to stitch while watching NASCAR races on television. That was okay though because it took two years to find the red toile I wanted to use for the backing. I kept finding small yardage amounts...not near enough for a backing. Just as I was finishing the cross-stitching, I stumbled across a brand new bolt of red and white toile. I completed this quilt in 2004.