Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Talking About Daddy

Or at least his trucks - on Facebook.

Daddy started out driving an ice delivery truck when he was still really just a kid. For you young 'uns out there - I'm talking about blocks of ice to go in the ice box. Not refrigerators. This was before electricity. He told me about knocking on the screen door of a kitchen one time and the black lady telling him to "come right on in, son"... Big woman. Taking a bath in the wash tub in the kitchen. Of course, Daddy did tell some tales.

He worked for Red River Army Depot, but Mama said he'd work awhile...they'd lay him off...they'd call him back. It just wasn't steady work. Daddy, Mama, and Jr. moved to Grand Prairie, Texas. They came back so that the same doctor at St. Michael's in Texarkana could deliver me. Then we moved back. BJ was born in Dallas.

Daddy went to work for Lone Star Boat Company in Grand Prairie. It sold out to Chrysler Boats.

Wasn't he a handsome man?!
Can you imagine driving trucks like this coast-to-coast? summer and winter? He told another story about J. C. Jackson and him driving their two trucks in California one summer. They were driving through orange orchards and saw a sign "All The Orange Juice You Can Drink - 5 Cents." Well they pulled over and threw their nickels down. Gulped a glass each and said, "More." Gulped that down. "More." Next time, she said, "No." Neither one of those men were much for being told "No." "Whaddya mean, 'No'? The sign says ALL you can drink." They were told real quick that they'd drank all they could drink at that stand. LOL

Someone on Facebook asked about Daddy's 1949 Ford. Baby brother Joey had it last. He sold it quite awhile back...20 years or so???

Then the old red B-Model Mack was mentioned. Daddy bought it to play with. He sold it to Chrisman's in/near Coal Hill, Arkansas. Joey had worked for them when he owned the '49 Ford. They totally refurbished it.
They even found the original bill of sale in the door panel! Joey was supposed to get some information about Daddy to them and they were going to put a plaque in the truck dedicated to him. I hope they did.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lost and Found

I lost my Swiffer duster. Quite awhile back, actually. You know...before Thanksgiving. YES! I have dusted since. At least a swipe here and a swipe there with my old fuzzy acrylic dust scatterer. I know that I probably got interrupted while dusting and just dropped it behind something. For the last two weeks I've been looking behind knick-knacks, photos, books, what-have-you. Alas, no Swiffer duster. I'm thinking perhaps the monster dust bunnies absconded with it. But no ransom note has been forthcoming.I turned the stereo on over the weekend. Put on my Christmas present for my stocking from me Darius Rucker CD and sang and danced and looked up. Dang it! Found the blasted thing. Now, I've really got to dust in earnest - but not while Darius Rucker is singing "It Won't Be Like This For Long."

What about these bluebonnets?!

Don't you just love the red in the centers?!