Monday, December 9, 2013

Trees, Food, Grandsons

 I was sitting in the Tahoe between lab/doctor appointments reading my Kindle when I looked out the window. LOOK at the coloration of this tree trunk! Trees are not just brown!!

In preparation of going to stay with the grandsons while there mother was out of the country with her job... (Poor thing went to Naples, Italy!) (Poor thing, this was the first time she was away from her sons for that length of time!) ...I bought some sausage made at the local locker plant. Their seasoning mix has no nitrates which is something the grands' parents are trying to stay away from with their food. I kept telling them that you could find something that tasted better and had a better texture that the chicken weinie sausages that they are feeding my grandsons.
This is the proof.

While we were keeping the grands, Sam and I ate a hamburger at a local place. This apron is so me! :D

Of course, little boys will be little boys. LOUD. So I took them outside to blow off some steam. (Sam watched television almost the whole time we were there.)


The first night I made the mistake of feeding the boys early. 
John had his arms full trying to eat dinner.

Later, at home...Sam made beef stew. He started it in the slow cooker, but the electricity popped off. After about 30 minutes, he put it in the Dutch oven.