Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Thing After Another

What is the use of having this fancy HD television when if the signal is don't have a freaking picture of ANY sort except this lovely notice??? At least with the analog signal we could see ghosts or snow or something!!!

Another beautiful sunset!
Which reminds me...I have had some photos published! Elected county officials receive a monthly magazine called County can find it online...but you cannot find my photographs of the county that were published in the August edition! I'll scan the two pages TWO pages...okay...two half pages...when I get a chance. I haven't even thought about it.

I made English muffins over Labor Day weekend.
They tasted as good as they look! But the recipe made eight large muffins. Next time I'll divide the dough into ten muffins. Unless, of course, I intend to make hamburgers.

Big man in a big chair. LOL
A few years back, Mama gave me an antique youth chair that she acquired during her antiquing days. When I mentioned "tying" Colt in the chair Erin looked at me. Sam brought the ribs in from the grill, and we were getting the rest of the food on the table, she asked what I meant about "tying" Colt in the chair. See the white around his middle? It's a cup towel slipped through the upright posts on the back of the chair and tied in the back. I just told Erin to watch that he didn't slip under it.

I'll be back later with the recipe for the English muffins. Oh...wait! As I was typing in the labels for this post...English muffins popped in. Perhaps the recipe is already here. Yes! The recipe has already been posted: