Monday, September 5, 2011

How Did Your Weekend Go?

WOW! Isabel! This is neat-o. Where can I get a set of wheels like these?Colt, just talk to my Mommy and Daddy. Here...just look at all the bells and whistles...
Oh! Isabel! It comes with a pretty pink doggie too?!Here, let me get around here so that I can...
...take the little pink doggie off your hands!'Scuse me while I have a looksee at this little charm...HEY! Colt! No fair!!! Give that back! That's MINE!!!

This was so funny! I was just snapping pictures and didn't notice the "story" that was going on at the same time until we were looking at the photos today.

Needless to say...I had a wonderful weekend! Just perfect for a Granny and Grandpa!!