Saturday, May 21, 2011


Some office painting was going on last week...beginning on Tuesday and ending Friday. Da Judge's office, mine, and the both sides of the doors going into the commissioners' courtroom (that wall has wood looking stuff in there that was not painted).

I did real good staying out of the painters' way. With four telephones to choose from...I just moved from one to the other to the they prepped, trimmed, painted, etc. I even sat out in the hall a couple of times because so much was going on in the offices.

I managed to stay out of the paint until Friday. Thank goodness I was wearing a pair of black 'khaki'-style slacks that weren't too new...and not any of my "bought for the new job" clothes. I did not know that I had brushed a door facing until I was walking back across the hall to my office and felt someone brush my butt. Turned and saw the treasurer with a grin on her face. She pointed, I looked. Paint. eyeroll

After supper Friday I decided I wanted a scoop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla flavor ice cream with a squirt of chocolate syrup and a sprinkle of black walnuts. Sometime later while reading, I looked down and saw a drip of chocolate syrup on my WHITE blouse. I washed clothes this morning. The paint had dried and was set...I pretreated the blouse but it came out of the washer with a brown spot on it. So I hung it over the drying rack and will tackle it again later.


Son did not report to me...but I did find out on Facebook that they were paid...

Friday, May 20, 2011


Well. This morning the fire chief came and visited with me. During his visit I found out that when someone pushes the alarm hidden under her desk...aka PANIC BUTTON...that it broadcasts OVER THE LAW ENFORCEMENT RADIOS! Arrggghhhh! EVERYONE knows that I pushed "the" button.

In my defense:
1. I did not know that the office had an alarm.
2. I did not know what the white box under my desk was.
3. I did not know that when I "felt it up" that I actually pushed the button


On to other things...
Dee commented on my last post and asked if we purchased plans for the cutting table. No. I saw one online. It was rather costly and too large for my space. Sam drew the plans himself.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cutting Table

Yippee!!!! HE's WORKING ON IT!!

Sam cut this out about a year ago...give or take. He built the top and the drop leaves...then nothing. I didn't think he'd ever get it built. He's in the background working on the top drawer that can be accessed from either side.
The three other horizontal side will be drawers while the other side will have shelves and a closing door.

The tall skinny vertical slot is for large cutting mats. I have goes on top and when the leaves are open, the other two will top those. It's red oak and is going to be GORGEOUS as well as functional.
Me? I haven't been doing much of anything except work and a bit of house cleaning. Last weekend we went to Bay City Texas to a family reunion - Sam's side. My son made it - he lives about an hour away. Sam's two didn't which means the two grandbabies didn't make it either. Sigh. I truly enjoyed seeing Jonathan, but was very glad to get home Sunday.

BTW, be praying for him. The nursing home where he works changed hands. Many quit...he has stuck it out. Today was payday. They did not get paid an
d may not get paid tomorrow. He's ready to walk out. I told him to hang in there a few more days...but in the meantime be plastering the area with applications and try to find something else.

I found something at work that we did not know that we had. Da Judge said that someone had mentioned the Panic Button...but I had only heard that we should have one...not that we did. That there was one in the big courtroom and one in the county clerk's office. I'm kind of sitting in the "fish bowl" with two doors and a big area the width of two or three doors. If someone got stupid and stood at the intersection of the X hallway...guess who he/she would be staring at?

We are in the process of getting our offices painted. My desk, which was sitting at an angle in the office, has been pulled out to the center of my office, then pushed back square with the wall. The light picked up something at the edge of the "typewriter" return.'s stuck on...lemme feel it. Hmmm....what's this? A depression or a button of some sort. Hmmm.... Oh well.

A few seconds later phone rings and the sheriff's name shows up on the display. "Yes sir?"
He asks, "Is everything okay there?"
"The display over here is showing an emergency in the judge's office."
"OH! That's what that little box is?! Sorry."
We had no sooner got off the phone than Brrriiiiiingggggggggg...Yep...dispatcher is on the line. "Is everything okay there?"

I found the PANIC BUTTON!!!