Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stormy Weather

I had to go to the store Saturday for hot dog buns. We did a last minute invite for hot dogs and pool on the Fourth of July. On my way to town, I saw the clouds rolling in from the south. I ran into Brookshires, grabbed the buns, paid for them, and ran back to the car. Hurry...hurry...hurry to get home before it hit. This was the view out our back door. We literally saw the clouds roll in. Guess what. We got just a few sprinkles. Go figure. However, it rained on the Fourth...we still had hot dogs but no pool time.

Monday morning, Sam had to do a pool rescue. I hollered, "WAIT! Let me get the camera." This was a first for us. expect an exercise/diet report? 20 minutes on the treadmill set on 3.5 (I assume mph), 20 minutes on the recumbent bike set on E A S Y. I'm building sets/repetitions on the weight machines. Yesterday I added the elliptical. LOL I don't remember if I made it one or two minutes so anything today is an improvement. Weight loss? I'm throwing my scales out the bathroom window! Oh...can't do windows don't raise. I keep expecting to get on the scales and see 5-10 pound drop...magically...overnight. And I am dieting...not severely but I haven't had dark chocolate much less any milk chocolate in about 6 months now. Yeah...I do tend to exaggerate.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Long May She Wave!

Many want to come here...few want to leave.