Saturday, October 22, 2011


Y'all won't believe this. On Facebook, I clearly state that I'm married. My profile is set to private - anyway I thought it was...I need to check into that. Just a couple of days ago, I clicked on my Message folder. Under Messages was "Other" with a 2. Look what someone sent to me in mid-September!

**** ********

well... I am very impressed with your profile and intrigued by your beautiful eyes. Your personality of being goofy and fun loving is very attractive to me. You seem quite intelligent and have a mature perspective on life. I believe that we have much in common and that we could be a great match. My name is *********** I lost my wife and have one son.! There are so many things that I really enjoy. Here are just a few: intellectual conversation, traveling, dining our, sports, music, dancing, movies, theater, museums, art galleries, as well as cooking. I believe love and romance. I am very intelligent, energetic, loyal, respectful, positive, optimistic, romantic, caring, sensitive, compassionate, easy going,appreciative monogamous, witty, friendly, sincere, articulate, understanding, straightforward,flexible,adaptable, hardworking and easy to please. Importantly, I have a good sense of humor and like to laugh. I am a one woman man .I do not do drugs, do not abuse alcohol and do not play head games. I like to look at issues from different perspectives to achieve better honesty and truthfulness.hate lies and cheat. looking for a descent ,caring and understanding woman who would take me for what i am. Of course, no one is perfect. There are always room to learn and to grow. To me, learning, growing, improving and maturing is a life long process. I strive to learn from my own past mistakes and shortcomings, from other people and from experts, to be a better person.Life is too short to waste.Opportunity never comes back. Let's talk, meet and get to know one another. As a matter of fact, I have much more to tell you about myself in detail. There is not enough time and space for me to elaborate here. Hopefully, we can make connection and become soul mates. If not, we can still be friends and share wisdom with each other.I believethat we have much in common and that we could be a great match. i hope u tell me a little about urself too Ok.i will looking forward to hear from you My email is **********

LOL That's it. Whaddya think? Of course everything he said about me is oh so true! He is a monogamous (spelled it correctly too) and a one-woman man. And he hits up a married woman??!! In case this is up-n-up, which I seriously doubt, I did not include his photo. From the photo, he's a good 15 and maybe 20 years younger. Hey Jonathan! You want a brother?

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Babies and...

Sam cut a small load of firewood for Brook and Cody. We delivered it last Saturday and got to play with Isabel. Cody took a work break to help Sam unload but then he had to go back to work. Brook, Isabel, Sam and I ate at "Cartwright's". They use a western theme and even had a hamburger dedicated to "Hoss" of "Bonanza" fame. I asked the waiter about the name of the restaurant...owner's last name. I told him about my tie-in with Hoss - Dan Blocker...My great grandmother, Eve Blocker Durham, was his aunt. :-D

My grandbabies are growing so big! The changes in just a few short months are incredible. Isabel was pert-near perfect at the restaurant. She found that the table height was perfect for hands-free dining. Her mom posted this on Facebook this week.

I missed seeing Colt. Sam went to visit them Monday and came home Tuesday. He's going to be building a bed and dining room table and bench for John and Erin. He went to get measurements for the bed. They finished out the 3rd floor of their A-frame for a master suite. With the sloping ceiling/walls they have to have a short headboard.

Sam got some good photos of Colt.

John sent me this one via e-mail. Not sure Colt likes walking in his Halloween lobster suit. LOL

Da Judge's husband got some bad news. He has cancer. They've been dealing with doctors and varying diagnoses for seven weeks now. He has had one radiation treatment and surgery is being scheduled.

I made a flannel quilt for him. Da Judge just looked at me so I had to amend it. I told her that it's a "comfort" quilt and could be used by whoever needs comforting. She smiled.

They covet your prayers.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I found some that fit! Since menopause - which I LOVE by the way - my waist is thicker than it was pre-meno. Where I once had a waist...I don't any more. My jeans fit everywhere except in the waist. I would zip the zipper, then turn the button and buttonhole tabs down and tuck them so that they wouldn't flop. I needed to go try on jeans in a really bad way.

I've been sorting through my clothes and took a quick look at Sam's. There was a pair of new looking jeans on the far end of his jeans. Generally the newer jeans are on the other end...not on the end with the faded out jeans. I pulled them out and realized that they were a pair of Wranglers that were hand-me-downs from one of my brothers. They were too small and not Levis...which is all Sam wears. I just dropped them in the floor while I quickly sorted through the rest of his jeans...all Levis. The Wranglers were headed to the giveaway box.

Then...Hmmm...I wondered if they fit me and also wondered how big the waist would be. I tried Wranglers before, pre-meno. They were women's jeans...tight in the thighs and big in the waist...haven't tried them since. But...these are men's jeans. THEY FIT! I was so excited and took the lint brush to brush off the dust line where they've been folded over the hanger (and Sam does not always shut the closet door so I have a dust battle in there constantly)...and wore them this evening after work. Now I know what brand to buy and what size to get! I am EXCITED!! Yep. I know. Sometimes it doesn't take much to excite me. ;-)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Enlargement? ME???

I am constantly getting spam e-mails to "enlarge" my "member" and "make sexy women crazy for" me. LOL